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#11 14 years ago

ctzmy suggestion would be to add more detail to your heightmap. Absolutely flat heightmaps such as yours look unnatural and lifeless. On any section of flat terrain, you should have a feature, such as a runway, road or building. The rest should have a slight slope or some other height adjustment going on.

then, once you have some height changes throughout your map, use ed42 to redo your textures, using a height modifier to make the high sections slightly lighter/darker than the others. This will give your heightmap real depth and it really adds a realistic look :)

:lol: Guess what I was doing last night with Ed42?

One thing that I think detracts from the map is that the terrain seems to be covered with something similar to large coarse crushed beige and bregy gravel almost but I dont have that. Redid terrain with ED42 and it looks better and doesnt have the jaggies anymore but it still looks like not enough trees.

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