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19th March 2007

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#1 11 years ago

What do I need to start mapping for FH2? I figure I might as well try to help out the devs and/or anyone who feels like my contributions would be worthwhile.

What (free) programs do I need to get started? I've got Google Earth to help out somewhat :D. So, what do I need and where do I start? I'll get on reading Fenring's Tutorials right now.

EDIT: Seems like the links in the sticky aren't working. The link in Fenring's Sig is though, I'll just browse through that.


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30th November 2006

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#2 11 years ago

In theory you need only bf2editor, altough some terrain painting program is almost a must for maps larger than 256x256.

bf2_tpaint and ecomap is free tools for terrain texturing: BF2_TPaint Untitled Document

BF2HMT is a free java app to split real world data or other heightmaps (real world data tutorial included) Article Viewer - Lorne's Online Portfolio

Free heightmaps programs im sure exist but havent tried anyone out, try this link: Heightmap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

DICE themselfs used Terragen for the terrain textures, world machine + photoshop for heightmaps and the skydomes where bought from photografers specialized in making 360 degree sky panoramas. Also they used 3ds max for at least some lightmapping and of course bf2editor to tie everything togheter.

As for the FH devs, Knoffhoff uses photoshop for textures, Lilli Marlene paints everything in editor (maschochist =p), Lobo uses Terragen,Ecomap and photoshop, Mr Cheese does a lot in editor i think the rest im unsure off. They can feel free to comment here.