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10th January 2006

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#1 12 years ago

This map I'm planning will be located on the Rhine river. If you've seen or just know about the Rhine. there are steep hills along side it, many of which have castles on top, and villages and town at the bottom near the river. On this map, the allies (Americans) will have to push the Axis (Germans) defenders back through the town and then up the hill to the last capture point... the castle. I'm planning on have one main road that winds up the hill to the castle and several foot paths. The town will my main emphasis though. With narrow, secuded streets and nooks, it will be like the typical german village. I want to make the map in such a way that if you look up from the narrow streets, you can see the castle towering on the hill though the old buildings. I'll post pictures later.



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26th May 2005

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#2 12 years ago

Is this just an idea, or are you actually in the process of making this map? Because if you're just getting started now, we won't be seeing too many pictures any time soon i think ;)