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21st September 2004

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#31 13 years ago

A_treeSorry but everytime this subject is mentioned politics should be expected.[/quote] Indeed

[quote=Lt. Rothwell]For those of you who said "your over it", that was pretty cold. This thread isnt about if your over it or not, it was created to remember and pay tribute to those who lost their lives. Are you over WWII and Vietnam? Are you over the sacrifices made by countless veterans across the free world? And there are many people who acknowledge and remember those soldiers overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military casualties are completely different to civilian ones. Dieing while defending and fighting for your country is significantly different to being killed in a terrorist attack. Do you annually remember the countless many who died in car bombings in Iraq over the past decades? Do you annually remember those who died in the Bali bombings in '02? Do you annually remember those who died in the Wall Street bombing of 1920?

You cant compair military deaths to that of civilians, and its unfair to annually remember one terrorist attack while forgetting the others. Just because 911 was on American soil, doesnt make the casualties any more important than that of those who died in other countries such as Russia, Iraq, and Bali.

-however having said that, i still feel bad for the familes of those who died. any death, especially an un-natural one, is a sad event. i just dont feel that 911 victims are any more important or worthy of remembering than anyone else who has died at the hands of another person.


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24th July 2006

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#32 13 years ago

Well said ^^ I'm really not going to my other thoughts as there have been some pretty naive comments already. I mean saying 911 was more important because it was about:

..."People going about, minding their own business, thrown into a world of shit not of their own making"
..."As far as more people dying than in the original towers, blame the people that started it not the people that got balls enough to try to finish it."
..."Make no mistake ANYTIME the U.S. gets attacked there will be a blood price to pay. We will ALWAYS respond"
..."One thing that has been accomplished is the fact that America's Army and leadership is now feared as a force that will do something"

I mean to those that replied these and after re-reading don't understand why these statements are both inappropriate in context of events after 911, and how they are most utterly wrong in their over-simplicity, I don't think you ever will. Please think before you write


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7th May 2003

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#33 13 years ago

I still think politics should be left out of this topic; if you want to talk about it I suggest you create another topic and leave this one to remember the deads of 9/11, which are more/less/as important as/then Iraq' s deads I don' t care, they died and this is all that matter, respect them. I am over it but I don' t like to talk in a bad way of deads, call it "weird stupid italian tradition" but I don' t care, my opinion is this and if you disagree you are wrong. Anyway, a little question to all you Yankees/New Yorkers: is 9/11 an "holiday" there? (NOTE: by holiday I mean a paid day off from work)


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23rd December 2005

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#34 13 years ago
SleestackMake no mistake ANYTIME the U.S. gets attacked there will be a blood price to pay. We will ALWAYS respond.

Now what's that quote?

"You can't reduce sapient lives to numbers and exchange them like money"

(something like that)

Lt. Rothwell


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10th June 2005

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#35 13 years ago

Kommando got me all wrong. I was merely making a point that it is disrespectful to get into a debate about politics and how people are 'over it' in a thread dedicated to remembrance. I was trying to say that to those people are over it, keep it to yourselves, who really cares if your over it or not in a thread of remembrance? :uhm:


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6th December 2004

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#36 13 years ago
A_treeSorry but everytime this subject is mentioned politics should be expected. Lets not just remeber the people who died in the attacks, but everybody who has died in all the conflicts around the world.

This is not a political thread. This is barely about Islamic extremism. It's a thread dedicated to the victims who lost their lives as a result of 9/11 and attacks in general.

You wanna give a Remberance to the people who have lost their lives in Iraq? Go start a Iraqi rememberance thread no one is stopping you, start one for the wars in Africa, the Middle East, the Trojan Wars since you care so much. Oh wait, you don't care, you're just trying to dampen someone elses moment.

I wouldn't walk into a "Remeber the Victims of Hiroshima" thread and start talking about Japans treatment of POWs or a "Remeber the victims of Lebanon" thread and start trying to justify why they were killed. Why? Because that debate isn't mean't for that thread, it's mean't to honor the dead, not to disscuss politics.

If you're "over it" fine, I'm not exactly crying over what ever diasters Australia, UK, France, China, Pakistan, {insert place here} have had whenever either. But I'm sure as heck not going to come in on anyones tribute to the victims of any disaster and start talking about how it doesn't compare to 'x' disaster or discussing the political situation of whatever.

Leave politics out of tributes there are plenty of threads for politics already, go debate in them.

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10th April 2004

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#37 13 years ago