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14th November 2004

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#21 11 years ago

Oh please Jum. Half my family works for United. Fuzz is an apoligist and doesn't know the half of it.


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11th March 2006

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#22 11 years ago

Singapore Airlines are the best in the world imo



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28th August 2006

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#23 11 years ago

I'm pretty sure it's Quantas, who've never had a major crash ever, takes the title as best airline. Also, I can't see the laid back Australians skimping on leg room. Heck, first class has a barbeque as part of the section.:p

An Aussie friend of ours wouldn't shut up about them either...


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26th August 2005

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#24 11 years ago

Huss! Leg room is skimpy because most of their customers are not from the region.

Most of Asian airlines are the best... there are only 4 5 stars airlines in the world according to London based air travel survey agency, Skytrax. All of them are Asian carriers. And Fuzz, just try some cheap Asian airliners, i've tried Lufthansa in their currently largest airplane (747-400) and i have to say that the cheapest airline in Indonesia could have better service and "friendliness" than their staffs. However, not about the safety aspects.

QANTAS is the best western-styled carriers IMHO, except their landing procedures (which is a "positive landing", only aviators know how rough it is).