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13th April 2005

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#71 12 years ago

Damn jum, cant rep you... Glass Floor!!! My coworkers wonder why i burst out in a quiet office...


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4th March 2006

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#72 12 years ago
Kubador;4424676Well I have the explenation why.

"This video is no longer available"

hmm, Conspiracy?

I think so....


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18th December 2006

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#73 12 years ago

I've traveled Europe, as far east as Armenia, if you call that Europe. I've seen great people in Europe, I've seen total assholes there too. But I can say the same for the people I know here in America. Most of the judgments I see in this thread are generalizations. Which is fine, you can only go by what you know. What I know is this, people are the same no matter where you go. You only think they're different because you either don't know them, or you've watched enough TV to give you the wrong impression.