Anyone seen the movie Battle of the Bulge? -1 reply

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I hate hollywood.

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16th September 2003

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#21 16 years ago

Ok to begin with, those arent tigers in the movie, they were rare then, and there rare now. Next the reason why they abandoned the tanks, if you were listening, was because they ran out of gas, you cant run a tank without gas, especially gas guzzlers like KT's. The song is the Panzerlied, a timeless classic, and the reason why they seem to be in a snowless land is because they are on an arid plateau in the final battle, the snow is either gone or jsut frost by that time of the day, ITS STILL COLD.

Anyway you cant possibly a classic movie from 30 years ago to a modern movie, we have computer generated special effects, they buried (small) explosives in the ground to simulate explosions. Thats just an iddiodic comparison.