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10th April 2004

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#1 12 years ago

Astro Empires (AE) has opened up a new Delta galaxy so that participants in it can start fresh. Some of your friendly neighborhood FHers such as the irrepressible Fuzzy Bunny, Mr. Cheese, both Pasquills, 105thAPS and yours truly have a sister guild (yes a play on words) to So's Yer Mother [SYM] called So's Yer Sister [SYS]. For those of you not familar with AE it is a free, on-line RTS game that never sleeps, working all the while as you sleep, eat, work or whatever. The RTS concepts are there and perhaps the real beauty of the game is after you kick it off for a bit, minimal effort keeps it going. Plus it is Internet-based with no software required so guess what - you can play it at work! Lunch hours and breaks only please as I do not wish to contribute to any deviant work behavior. :) A link is Astro Empires Delta Galaxy (We are in Beta as well). We are currently in Sectors D03, D04, D09 and others. Feel free to contact me or Pasquill. Did I mention it was free? (You can upgrade which gives you extra features but some never have and do well.)