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10th June 2005

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#1 12 years ago

It pains me to have to listen to those modcasts to learn inside info about all the cool mods coming out for BF2. The two guys who host it annoy the heck outta me. It seems that they are always reading off a clipboard and asking absurd questions, often when the answer has already been answered earlier in the interview. ARGHHHH! Does anyone else feel this way?

(Case in point, just listened to part of the modcast for EoD, one of the EoD devs being interviewed stated that the mod came about to fill a nitsch in 1942 and was started by a small group of people. The interviewer then asks about ten seconds later "So was it one guy or a huge group of people who wanted to play in the vietnam war?" The interviewee kinda pauses before trying to explain himself again.)