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11th April 2008

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#31 10 years ago

My bad, I also got my directions wrong anyways as I used to play in and around the uncap area for the most part.

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13th June 2004

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#32 10 years ago
stylie;4856928Here you go boys a brief selection of stylie's favorite sniping hidey-holes. These are the two that I have never been killed while using, well sort of... spoiled for your viewing pleasure.
Spoiler: Show
DC, you must do a HALO jump to get to this one. If you think you may hhave been spotted, lay low for a minute, go get a beer and wait out the collective ADD that is the collective DC player. He'll find something else to do. This is your landing spot. The two chimneyed building in the forground. Try to land on this side as you cannot be shot at from their main overhead.JPG Crap, I edited wrong. Lay down like this and get to killing. view.JPG This is what you look like. 3rd.JPG Alternatively, if you think you may have been spotted, go to the other side of the chimney and get to killing there, or lay low for awhile... This is what you see. Alt.JPG This is what you look like, except less handsome. Alt3rd.JPG I have only died there by falling off the roof. Next up is Stalingrad and technically, I may be glitching here. Not exactly sure, what do you think? Climb up that ramp and hang out in front of that fence. They cant shoot through it. They can see you though. stali.JPG Lay down and slide left to take shots, back to the right side for cover. If they try to shoot between the boards there is bullet holes in mid air. Ive never been killed here, even when I truly expose myself, but Ive been run up on... stalispot.JPG Enjoy fellers... Yes I know, I rock. :Pimp:

Nice sniping spots :)

However if I was there on Lost Village on Opposing Forces you'd probably wouldn't be able to get on that sniping spot =p. No matter how high or low or how fast you pilot that chopper it'd probably already be going down in flames thanks to my infalible "homing" Stingers. :D

But seriously I do have fond memories of predicting most of the helis' movement and have them go down like flies with the Stingers at distances that you almost couldn't see them with the fog. RPGs were more enjoyable, but much more proximity was needed of course.