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#11 8 years ago
MG42Maniac;5655842Think this is my first post in about 3 years! Just spent the last hour or so reading all the FH updates from the past three years :D Good to see FH is still alive and kicking and making some solid improvements! One thing FH does seem to be missing is destructible environments, I've been waiting nearly 10 years for my King Tiger to be able to crush a small shed containing someone stopping us from capping a flag!! All FH needs to do now is move onto a different engine and I'll maybe get back into it ;) Don't think I've played FH in about 5 years or so which could prove interesting!

Oh, I missed this post. Well hello, Chris! You might remember me, I've perhaps played a couple of hundred of hours with you. :D

We all kind of stopped playing FH2 after trying a couple of scrims early on with the first release. Atleast once against DenLedeFi and some others. After that, I've played Normandy a couple of times with BFE WAW because Matyast asked. That was a long time ago, too. But not otherwise. Perhaps I should download it again.

You were a good pilot in FH1, especially with your Typhoon fetish. A problem for the tankers in Breakthrough-1944. =p Flying was so different in FH2 and you'd have to start all over again, and you didn't like FH2 back then because of it, wasn't it so? ;)

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