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11th April 2005

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#1 11 years ago

You know Leni Riefenstahl's super-slick film clips of the perfect and beautiful German children as they innocently sing about the glory of the magnificent F├╝hrer, and how he would lead Germany to a new, brighter day? And you know how it kind of makes your skin involuntarily crawl to look at those clips because you know some sick adults brainwashed the kids with the most repugnant propaganda about how the leader was a magical being who was going to make them happy happy happy?

Sort of like this: Kids sing for the Dear Leader


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13th April 2005

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#2 11 years ago

What we need is a cool Che Guevara style poster of Obama for dorm room walls!!! Oh wait!

Von Mudra

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25th September 2004

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#3 11 years ago

Oh god yes...I saw this this morning....its just soo...creepy.....o__O

I don't care if they were singing about McCain or Obama, brainwashing children into supporting politicians that they don't understand, then having them sing happy songs about them is just...wrong.


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27th June 2004

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#4 11 years ago

Ya Mudra I'm with you on this one. I don't care who they're singing about... it's just damn creepy regardless.


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19th November 2007

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#5 11 years ago

When I saw the title I prepared myself for the worst but this is just too much to bear. Fight for money and power has the same effects everywhere, it's just given a different name and color.

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9th December 2003

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#6 11 years ago

Lol, poor kids. That and it hurts my ears. No kid should be "supporting" any politician. Their time would be better spent on teaching kids about politics if anything.

I don't think they will be brainwashed, unless they are going to be forced to sing and cheer for BO or JM (or HC or whoever) for the next 4-8 years... =p

PS: Give us a number Jummie! Or a decade atleast. :Puppyeyes:


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27th April 2003

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#7 11 years ago

They sing great and are adorable...just like palin: "I don't know, pew pew pew zing"


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1st July 2005

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#8 11 years ago

Wow just wow....Now I have a new reason not to vote Obama. I hope he loses now just so I can see horrified looks on the faces of the moonbat zealots that are coo-coo for this guy.


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10th June 2004

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#9 11 years ago

I guess a lot of people above the age of 40 will love that. But if you think that is propaganda, then watch this:

YouTube - jung il Kim's birth day


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31st January 2005

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#10 11 years ago

Sorry to go abit off-topic, just reminded of this.