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13th November 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Sorry for the spam, but some of you contacted me via email concerning the IWZ custom map server and our attempt to rejuvenate a little interest in Battlefield 1942... rather than tracing down all the email addresses (yea, I know, but I am lazy today), I thought I'd post and share with everyone...

We're going to be hosting an "Evening of Venetian". Venetian, a Battlefield 1942 Custom Map created by IWZ Basic and IWZ Neo will be played on Sunday August 20 2006 at 6pm eastern U.S. time (until ???) on the IWZ Custom Map (64 player) server. This map is within our custom map pack for BF1942. You may download it from the front page of our website (see my signature).

IWZ Custom Maps 64 Player IP: Port: 14568

We will be playing this in Conquest Mode (we'd rather play CTF but understand the community as a whole likes Conquest more).

Can't wait to see you on the Battlefield!


p.s.: Make sure, when you're coming across the bridge from the allied base, you hang a right and go across the next little bridge... there's a nice little surprise there at the cafe'!