Dice actually getting something right? -1 reply

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28th March 2005

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#21 13 years ago

Ooohh I didn't even notice that.


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22nd October 2004

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#22 13 years ago

The nametag bug doesn't mean anything to me really because ( as well as a lot of you on here) are used to not seeing nametags before you shoot. If I've TK'd somebody because of a nametag bug then it has slipped by me. I have noticed tank barrels go inside buildings and structures. It kinda makes me wonder if you can shoot somebody inside a building like this. The idea of being able to pick up your own c4's and mines is a cool feature and I hope they work this out. One thing they need to smooth out are the road kills. IDK how many times I've tried to jump in a jeep (from the side) while its moving slowly and end up getting TK'd. It's a really easy way to get kicked from the server because nobody forgives TK'ers on BF2 servers even if it is an accident. I've told squad members to jump in and when they try somehow get TK'd and the next thing you know you get the "you have been punished for teamkilling" message. It is lame if you ask me.

EDIT: Another thing I hate is getting punished for team damage. I've been punished for blowing up an enemy vehicle and the splash damage caused "team damage" to someone around the area. Also lame...

IDK if it is possible but there should be some kind of line when being punished for stuff like this. I'm not talking about accidentally shooting a teammate or something like that but these freak touches of a vehicle or splash damage from reinforcements requested arn't really needed. It can really ruin your mood for the match.


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9th November 2005

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#23 13 years ago

I ran into the red name bug today. UAV popped up and I saw a red dot nearby, opened up on the posistion and it turned out to be friendly. Everyone punishes TKs in this game.