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20th March 2008

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#61 10 years ago
Von Mudra;4284953Not so much as a redeem, but relief. It sounds odd, I know, but its kinda something you can only understand by doing it. Not to say you should do it, you shouldn't. Do not ever fall down the slippery slope that I isn't worth it. But to answer your question...its a way of expressing the pain inside you. When your so hollow and numb, its a way of feeling, knowing your alive, and of being able to rid yourself, for awhile at least, of the pain. Sometimes you can be so numb that you don't even feel the cuts.... Ok, I really, seriously, don't want to talk about this anymore, its really starting to get to me.... Please just, no more questions....

Let this subject rest in peace.


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#62 10 years ago

I like to be classified as the non-white power/neo-nazi skinhead....who likes reggae and ska.


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27th June 2004

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#63 10 years ago

My god this thread has told me WAY more than I ever wanted to know about any of this. *puts fingers in ears* LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA

I don't quite get the whole emo thing. People have depression -- it's quite common and happens to everyone to some degree. Even I had moderate clinical depression and had to take meds for it for a while. It was bad, it was terrible, and it sucked.

But, I wasn't emo, nor did I express any desire to be emo. If you really were depressed, why would you seek to display it to the world? Gees, that would have totally made things worse if I had even thought of doing anything like that at the time.

People get depressed, but people move on. I thing Emos should get help, and find other more productive ways to get through their troubles. The truth is, even if you just like the emo culture and aren't really all that sad, just dressing like one can put you in that category in everyone else's eyes. Besides, just because you are hanging out with other emos doesn't mean its therapy -- you are essentially joining a group that reminds you of your problems. Who wants that?

Just dwelling in sadness is not only self-destructive, it's pathetic.