Do you believe in Life after Death? -1 reply

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4th March 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I'm just curious. I sort of believe in a Life after Death but because of the unsurity, I'd rather choose life. What do you think?


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10th January 2004

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#2 14 years ago

um, i really dont like to think about that kind of stuff, it hurts my head to much....


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23rd February 2004

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#3 14 years ago

I voted no mainly because when your dead, your not going to care if there is a heaven or not because your..well...dead. We are organisms just like all the others living things on this planet. When a beetle dies, does it go to heaven? The thought of life after death kinda sounds rediculous when you put it like that. or perfectly right for some people out there...

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27th April 2003

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#4 14 years ago



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16th July 2003

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#5 14 years ago



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23rd December 2003

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#6 14 years ago

I can't really vote on that one. I'm not "religious" so I don't 100% believe. I believe some could possibly go to "heaven" and some just get recycled. I'd like to think that people go to heaven. My biggest question is, all these people talk about so-and-so is going to hell. Well what if they dont believe in hell. Can you really go to something that doesn't exist to you? Guess I'll just have to die somewhere down the road to find out. I, myself, think being reencarnated or being a ghost would be pretty pimp, but who the hell knows what really happens. I believe in Ghost, if that counts for anything.


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6th April 2003

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#7 14 years ago


so, you really cant have an opinion, well sorta, it depends

nobody has no freakin idea if there is life after death. It could be, or it couldnt. Unless we could see for ourselves in the way future and tell some people, then we know

but, i know, its a belief

i dont really know if I believe in life after death

If you believe in it, yea, you could get life after death perhaps, only if you believe though

not sure


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9th February 2004

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#8 14 years ago

Yes, but did not used to until had terrible accident, and from the "goings on" and things that go bump in my house (had to get a preist to bless the house)

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6th December 2003

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#9 14 years ago

No- but I can understand if some pepole would like to think so...

actully there is a priest in Danmark that don't belive in god, can't remember his name but it's been on the news a while ago. heh I find that kinda funny...


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2nd May 2003

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#10 14 years ago

No, that's wishful thinking. "imho"