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21st February 2004

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#1 10 years ago

We all had to lose our online community cherry one day. Use this thread to share your experiences and indeed regrets about what you'd've done differently were you older and wiser.

When I first got into Neopets back in 1998, I didn't bother with the community that much. However, pretty soon I found myself in a Guild (basically a clan, or community like this one) and making friends and chatting on the message boards. This was my first real experience of having an online persona in a web community.

One thing that shall stay with me forever was that during this time (around 2001-2002) I came into contact with someone who, looking back, would have been ripped to shreds by any rational and mature discussion board. His name was Brian, and was as brainwashed and flag-waving as little boys come. Jum, his parents probably did play 'Ronald Reagan is the greatest politician of all time' tape while he slept. Anyway, he and I clashed on a number of occasions, including over the then-upcoming invasion of Iraq, which I could not see the point of due to the whole 'Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11' thing. He would just get so... tearful over everything. Not angry, he'd just say things like 'stop badmouthing America' and claim he lost his family in 9/11, and that his mother was his only living relative.

The plot thickened as time went on - I agreed to tone down my 'America hating' (which frankly wouldn't even chart around here, it was barely even critical debate) in exchange for him getting off my back. Then I posted the lyrics of a song by Tom Lehrer, 'Pollution', which was a favourite of mine at the time. His response? 'Yes, Tom, I can see why you would like that song - because it bad-mouths America.'

I was only 12, but I knew how to facepalm. I quickly explained it was written by Tom Lehrer, an American himself, and his response was so clueless it drove me round the bend - 'Oh, that's odd. No true American would bad-mouth his country.' Shortly after this, or before it, I can't remember, he started going around saying his cousin had been killed in a car accident. My only response was 'you already said your only living relative was your mother' and he quickly said 'I meant relatives I lived with, idiot', to which I finally grew a pair and called him an attention seeker.

Then the piece de la resistance of this story came to pass.

This exchange had taken place on AIM (ah, memories). Brian then rushed to the Guild boards and made a post that said 'People, I have a question to ask. Please vote your answer. Am I an attention seeker?'. My reply was 'You are somewhat, sometimes.' His reply, still thinking this gave him the high ground: 'Somewhat and sometimes are ways of saying 'yes', aren't they, Tom? Thanks for voting yes, bye!'.

There were other ridiculous encounters with this cretin but I forget the rest of them. What would I have done differently if I were the web-savvy man I like to think I am now? To the complaints about my political views, I would have simply given him a firm 'No, you don't get to tell me what to think anymore than the terrorists who killed your family get to tell you what to think.' To the bullshit about his cousin and his attention seeking, I'd've probably exposed him to the community as a whole. But above all, to the 'you couldn't make it up' classic that was his thread created to ask 'am I an attention seeker' I would have just ripped into him to expose the massive irony of such an action that he seemed painfully unaware of.

But I didn't do any of that, for I was young an inexperienced in the ways of the web. I'm sure we've all got stories to tell about our earliest days on the net, and the colorful characters we were no doubt once baffled by. I've got a few more to share, I'm sure - stick around and I might tell you about the great Habbo Hotel debacle of '03.

For now, though, I hand the mic/keyboard to whoever else would like to share an early internet experience.


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11th April 2005

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#2 10 years ago

You heartless brute. ;) Seems like mine was 1996. I was checking out an AOL chat room (buuuwaAAAHAAAHAA!!), and it involved chatting with someone who claimed to be a woman "in the entertainment industry". I soon came to understand she was a dominatrix...or at least acting like one. It was probably Lance in Cell Block G. But I remember being seriously shocked when it all of a sudden dawned on me the person I was chatting with was a dominatrix whose next post was going to demand some sort of sign of sexual dominion over me....like money. I immediately bailed out, and was terrified for the next few days that the International Brotherhood of Computer Villains was going to track me down and take over my soul...and computer.

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8th October 2006

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#3 10 years ago
Seems like mine was 1996. I was checking out an AOL chat room (buuuwaAAAHAAAHAA!!), and it involved chatting with someone who claimed to be a woman "in the entertainment industry". I soon came to understand she was a dominatrix...or at least acting like one. It was probably Lance in Cell Block G. But I remember being seriously shocked when it all of a sudden dawned on me the person I was chatting with was a dominatrix whose next post was going to demand some sort of sign of sexual dominion over me....like money. I immediately bailed out, and was terrified for the next few days that the International Brotherhood of Computer Villains was going to track me down and take over my soul...and computer.

:lol: I had a similar sort of experience when I was 14, over WoW - one of the people I was raiding with was talking about her 'alternative lifestyle.' I don't think I fully grasped what she was saying at the time, but all of a sudden everyone else had left and I was standing there with this person, and she kept talking about it, and it slowly dawned on me she was trying to chat me up. So I left as well...

stick around and I might tell you about the great Habbo Hotel debacle of '03.

Do tell...


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20th March 2008

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#4 10 years ago

Interesting thread. I think I first started using internet in 2004. As a young fellow I mostly just searched for songs and funny games, the foolish person I was, I also signed up at that disgrace called Habbo Hotel. Blegh. I also started playing RuneScape since it was so easy and no download and stuff. Occasionally hopping in a chat box and stuff, nothing really special. Now I look back at it, what a boring Internet history do I got..


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#5 10 years ago
Mr. Pedantic;4938312 Do tell...

I only know about the big 4chan raids on Habbo back in 2006.


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19th March 2007

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#6 10 years ago

My experiences on the internet were AOL chat rooms, Neopets and GameFAQs, all the while suffering from horrid dial up speeds. I would actually be overly excited when we would go over my aunt's and uncle's house, where they had blazing fast cable. During family picnics and get togethers, I would hole up in their basement looking up guides for video games and playing Neopets (I could finally claim stuff from the "Money Tree!") and making hundreds of thousands of Neopoints.

Then I moved. And there was a cyber-cafe half a block away. I was so obsessed with that place. It was called "CyberHub." That place introduced me to real online gaming. I think my first online gaming experience was something called "Desert Combat." I loved the freedom of being to shoot people with machine guns one moment and then jump in a tank and tear it up the next. At that point, I didn't touch the planes or helicopters at all, because I figured they were too much for me. Until one day, Troy (the owner of CyberHub) let me try out his joystick (no, not like that) and I immediately fell in love with flying the jets. At one point, I clicked on a different server than my favorite one and found myself in a rolling field of green, a stark contrast to the mainly desert battles I'd been playing. The weapons and vehicles were all different. They seems more...primitive than what I used to. But they also felt so much better to play with. I had found Desert Combat's father game, BF1942. I was instantly sucked into the great atmosphere of the WW2 experience and I only rarely looked back at DC. I had found a time period I liked: WW2. I also tried other games, COD:UO, Star Wars Battlefront, Gunbound (which, because of the way the pay-to-play system of CyberHub was set up, you could play Gunbound without logging on and wasting your money, which was like $4 an hour at the base rate, but you would get in trouble if caught, I was caught once before I new it was against the rules, and then stopped), and other games, such as Guild Wars when it was still in beta and all kinds of other neat tidbits (and surfing the web using CyberHub's T1 connection was also a joy).

I got so obsessed with the place that I asked my mom to buy me a "VIP membership for one of my birthdays, which came with several hours of game time and made it cheaper to buy more time. Hell, I even volunteered to clean up the place for a just a few more sweet, sweet hours of game time. I swept the main place and cleaned up the bathrooms and dusted the computers and vacuumed and pretty much anything else that would get me "free" gaming time.

And then CyberHub moved away to Pennsylvania. I no longer had blazing fast internet nor my online gaming at my disposal. For several months, I begged my mother to drive me across the bridge to paly there again, but we could never find where it went (my mother is horrible with directions). Eventually, we upgraded our AOL dial up service to Optimum Online Cable, so we had fast internet, but I still longed for online gaming. I convinced my brother and sisters to pool all our Christmas gifts together so that could get a new, gaming quality PC. They agreed and the next Christmas, my uncle put together a computer online at Newegg that could do what we needed it to. It finally arrived and I immediately installed BF1942 onto it and got playing. I eventually tried out Final Fantasy XI, but there was something wrong. For whatever reason, it wouldn't run (it started working after I upgraded my RAM and installed new drivers for my video card). I had no idea why. My sisters installed The Sims (and later, The Sims 2), but the computer started slowing down. My uncle recommenced getting more RAM, and we did, upgrading to 1 gig from .5 gig. Around this point, I found Forgotten Hope. I joined the community of my favorite server (guess which one) and shortly after, found my way here to the Filefront Forums to talk with the people behind the mods, as well as the people I played with. A while after I joined WOLF and started following the news updates, I started getting excited about FH2. But I new I need more RAM and I didn't have a copy of BF2. When FH2.0 was announced, I actually flipped out because I didn't have the means to play it, I begged my mother to get me the BF2 game and the extra gig of RAM (as well as a new joystick, because my brother had broken my old one). They arrived from the internet just a single day before the FH2 torrent was released. I installed everything and have been playing FH2 (pretty much exclusively) ever since.

That took entirely too long. But that's basically my internet history, from start to finish.


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13th April 2005

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#7 10 years ago

1993/4, AOL was a flat rate of $10, yes $10 an hour, later they changed to to $5 from 6AM to 6 PM. And there was compuserve too. In the 80's my friends dad had this weird thing called a modem, except ot worked with the handset. star137.jpg

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9th December 2003

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#8 10 years ago

My first internet connection must have been in 1997-1998 or so. Two friends came around to teach me and my brother how to use the internet. Starting up internet explorer and showing how to type in URLs and how to find them through the magic of search engines (altavista and lycos I believe). Our friends kind of abused us though, as they continued to search for pokemon information, opening 20+ windows. I remember asking "do you pay per window openend?" (damn I was such a newbie :lol:). "No, you pay for howlong you are online".

That first or second day my brother tried to surf to Lycos search engine, we (my brother, our two friends and me) were all there. I made a minor spelling error like "licos" and it brought up a site we didn't quite espect... guess what? It was a bloody dog porn site... we looked at the screen, saw dog penises and ladies touching them and such, looked at eachother, looked back at the screen, laughed... looked at eahcother again and asked eahcother "Is that real? Do dog penisses look like that? That looks weird! It must be fake!" and closed the site to continue whatever we were looking for.

I can't quite remember what I did in my early internet years: I believe I mostly surfed the net for information on various games (GTA 2, Baldur's Gate, ..) . Oh and ofcourse I quickly realized the internet to be a source of free porn (exchanging websites a couple of times with classmates in primairy school). =p I looked around for information (editting and such) for the game Baldur's Gate II (Shadows of Amn / Thrown of Bhaal). Spending time on the Bioware forums. Though that already must have been in 2000-2001. Those forums were my first forums, I never really knew that their were "communities" out there.

By then my parents got devorced. My mom had remarried and moved to an other home. The computer overthere was located in the ettic. I ended up lurking on those forums untill deep in the night, ones untill 7 in the morning, I heard my mother wake up (on the floor below me) and prepare to go to work... I quickly shut down the computer and hide myself in the room with the washingmachine and dryer. When I heard her goign down to the kitchen I quickly run to my room and went to sleep. Being glad not to be caught breaking my promise of going to bed in time.

When I started to hear about FH in 2003 I visited these and their old forums a couple of times and eventually registered here.

PS: Speaking of porn, my eyes have been spoiled a thousand times over. It sadly wasn't limited to hot girls, the lycos incident wasn't the only accident. Throughout the years I came across all kind of sick and weird stuff, rangign fromkiddy pron to horse pron, hentai, poo/piss porn, chicken porn, eels, bottles, glasses, baseballbats and what else not. :lol: /:cort:/:mad:/:n0e: I think the most recent sick thing I came across must have been of a guy cutting his own wiener off... :barf: Speaking of sick things: I have seen my share of animal brutality and the like aswell: a women using her high heels to step on some kittens, somebody setting a cat on fire and what else not. :mad:


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17th July 2003

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#9 10 years ago

I remember being the envy of my friends because I was the first one with a 14.4 US Robotics modem. Hooked up on a local BBS and made friends and dated several women I met on there. The BBS members used to meet at a local bar every Tuesday night and we would hang out and drink and play pool.


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5th September 2006

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#10 10 years ago

I'm sure mine was work related when I was with CDF (California Department of Forestry) back in 93/94, cause the wife and I didn't get our first computer until 95, and she got into working on computers/going to school after that.