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28th August 2006

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#681 11 years ago

I don't play the campaign much cause of lag issues, but needless to say its 1709 and Ive been having a fun Naval war with sweden while Russia makes the assault on land.


I didn't make it!

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#682 11 years ago

von mudra;4858632laoxd

that's cuz i leave it alt tabbed :p been playing it in short breaks during my studying midterms xd

lies lies liees!

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20th October 2007

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#683 11 years ago
Mr. Pedantic;4859572one and a half. The 126.5 hours is for two weeks, not one...

Aye Ped, wazzup?

I can't really find the nerve to play ETW atm, i.e. before some mods come out... playtime in 2 weeks: 0 hours. :(