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24th June 2005

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#101 15 years ago

im mainly in to rap hip hop etc.

N.W.A eazy-e dr.dre The game stat quo proof nelly (long story why) Fat Joe P.Diddy Antonio Busta Jadakiss G-unit (except fifty and banks) jam master jay MC hammer (cos hes a legend...) talib kweli

now on to others...

U2 the killers james blunt bobby valentino white stripes oasis blink 182

i got loads lol :D


I follow teh Moo!

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20th February 2004

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#102 15 years ago

That's a tough one. Here are some bands I really enjoyed the last weeks.

Calexico, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, The Slackers, The Pietasters, Rolling Stones, The Aggrolites, Operation IVY, Tommy Guerrero, Stubborn Allstars, Death Cab for Cutie, Halo Benders, Smut Peddlers(not the rappers), Rites of Spring, Incredible Bongo Band, Edith Piaf, CCR, Pixies, Elliot Smith, Elf Power, Dinosaur Jr., ... the list could go on and on. Listen to what you like and let others listen to what they like. Also try to listen to music that you don't like but others do like a bit closer. You might find some good stuff where you would have never expected it.


All Eyes On Me

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8th July 2004

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#103 15 years ago

I listen to mostly rap and hip hop... 2pac - the best. Snoop Dogg - mostly liked his older stuff w/ dr. dre Dr. Dre - ^^ Eminem - I dont care for his new album but his first and second The Game DMX Master P Scarface Juvinile Ice Cube - Death Certificate, and with NWA NWA Run DMC Easy-E Public Enemy Cypress Hill


My Blood Is Olive Drab

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19th November 2003

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#104 15 years ago
AussieZaitsevOMG i love that song, its also my GF's favourite Love the bass guitar in it.

Yeah, I love that song too, I dunno why...it's just amazing.

The Killers - Andy, You're A Star is pretty damn good too. I love the beginning.