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5th October 2003

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#21 13 years ago

Godfather series is the best so far...and yes, I agree, the third one is somewhat of adissapointment. The actors could have done a little better...well...I guess Holywood loves a good trilogy, so they had to make one. The Untouchables is good, but at some points I do get annoyed. Such as the shooting for the accountant at the end of the movie...you know, just before the action there is a 4min scene in which they try to up the tension, and in my opinion that was a poor scene.


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9th April 2005

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#22 13 years ago

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels definately. snatch was good, if for nothing else, than this conversation: Turkish: I want you to go get a new caravan. Tommy: What's wrong with the old one? Turkish: Oh nothin, Tommy, it's tip top! I just dont like the color.


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11th April 2005

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#23 13 years ago

A comment about Lock, Stock and The Untouchables. Lock Stock to me seemed more a comedy than part of the gangster genre. I think it's hilarious, even though it was aimed at British audiences. Most Americans can't understand the different dialects or the rhyming cockney slang, and won't get the cultural allusions like the "Southerners" and "Northerners" lines. But I think it's more a "buddy" film than classic gangster. Plot is tough to follow the first time, but it's got great scenes: Rory's litany to The Greek about "You're dead" makes my stomach hurt I laugh so much.

The Untouchables on the other hand take itself very seriously. I am amazed that Kevin Costner, the man who makes Tom Cruise look like a Shakespearean-trained acting legend, felt he could hold his own with Robert De Niro and Sean Connery. Ye gods, what was he thinking? De Niro hides his embarrassment at being on the screen with Costner by giving an over-the-top performance that borders on the cartoonish. Sean Connery shows how much he respects Costner by not even trying to sound Irish. (Does it bother you UK guys when actors make a hash of your accents as much as it bothers some Americans when US "southern" accents are mangled? I've recently noticed that British actors seem to do a better job of giving accurate and consistent southern accents than many American actors do.) But anyway, Untouchables has the feel of a blockbuster action/adventure flick that just happens to have gangsters in it. I'm not a big fan of De Palma, but I can't figure out if the baby-carriage-on-the-train -steps scene was just an awkward homage to The Battleship Potemkin, or a gentle jab at his own puffed-up movie.

Another movie I forgot to mention, which to me has more of the fim noir feel that I think a gangster flick should have, is Sexy Beast. This movie will scare you at how coldly evil people can be.

Ben Kingsley plays Don Logan, a psychopathic gangster that coerces his unwilling old friend Gal, (Ray Winstone). Don is so perverse and bent that you wonder if he even knows what a friend is or should be. But Don browbeats Gal to come out of a wonderful sun-soaked retiremrent in Spain to pull one more huge bank-vault job in London. These are the Lock, Stock gangsters without the humor, or even the basic humanity. Ian McShane plays Teddy, a completely amoral and powerful (and bisexual) leader of the huge gang, maybe even the leader of all criminal London. Teddy is an even more dangerous man than Kingsley's character, but more controlled and cunning. Edward Fox (is it a union rule that he must appear in every Britsh flm seen in the US?) plays a corrupt bank official who meets Teddy at a an orgy (Teddy looks at Fox: "Boys or girls?" Fox: "Oh, definitely.") and offers to be the inside man for the bank job. He finds out too late he is in so far over his head he'll never see the sky. A truly disturbing set of characters who portray far more accurately what gangsters really are than The Untouchables.


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19th April 2006

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#24 13 years ago

corrupt mario


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6th October 2003

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#25 13 years ago

Agree with JumJumon all points (except never seen Sexy Beast, sounds interesting though)

What constitutes a "Gangster movie"? For me it requires that the main characters and the plot be revolve mainly around their involvement with one or more "organized crime enterprises" (whether as criminals, honest or corrupt cops, or innocents caught up in events beyond their control).

So Lock, Stock, and Snatch (although hilarious), seem more wacky absurd instances of the "Crime Caper genre" even though many of the characters are gangsters, since the main characters are on the periphery of the gangster world, and the gangsters are more (very well developed) backdrop. Its a gray area, though, since the two genres often overlap a lot.

Goodfellas, the Godfather, Scarface are the pure gangster badness.


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7th May 2003

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#26 13 years ago
snotvodSean Connery got an oscar for his role in this film.

Quoting Trainspotting: "They made him win that oscar." Anyway, since my dream is to create a Import/Export society like the Genco, I' ll go with The Godfather. It' s my bible.