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9th September 2004

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#1 14 years ago

This goes out to any devs that happen to read this. I was just curious about the relationship with FH/FH2 and ModDB.com. This is a great site for mod news on several different popular games and I actually saw an FH2 update on this site I swear within the last 3 months, but that was it, I only saw 1. Now I imagine that having FH/FH2 updates posted at the popular sites that are already posting it is somewhat enough but putting the word out more through other sites, expecially a popular one like ModDB would be an added bonus.

Anyhow I was just curious if the FH team is still sending their news info to ModDB or what?


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8th February 2005

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#2 14 years ago

ModDB is fine if you want to know about EVERY mod for EVERY game, but there are numerous problems with it. The biggest one? DEAD MODS STAY THERE. I would like it if they at least filtered out dead unreleased mods so we don't have to dig through mounds of dead mods to find something live. Although, I wouldn't have found out about the Trigun Half Life 2 mod if it wasn't for ModDB, so that's something I guess. Quite frankly I find the Planet sites to be better, like PlanetBattlefield and PlanetHalflife, they present you with the most important stuff and run things smoothly.