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#11 13 years ago

never be a sniper and miss the shot and have a hot coffie in your hand


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#12 13 years ago

While it is stupid to charge alone in certain and pointless death, it is also stupid to be a pussy and stay back to wait for enemy targets. Use your map and listen to voice commands. If you see a few of your allies made a breaktrough, MOVE. They most likely need your support RIGHT NOW. Too many times on Pegasus have I successfully capped the city flag, only to realise the friends that accompanied me were all dead, and that the others (the majority of players) were all camping on bushes while they should have been crossing the bridge to defend the land we fought hard to gain (I was spamming the "gogogo" and "i need reinforcments" keys, but only a few answered). Sure, the same bridge was a death trap a few minutes before, but now it was perfectly safe, and they didn't take this rare opportunity to gain ground.

In resume : when a normally dangerous area is secured, move your butts and get on the other side of the "camping zone".

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