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26th April 2004

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#41 11 years ago

I'll post here what I just wrote to the betatesting forum because I thought it's useful. :)

The gunlaws are something like this: Three options to get a gun

1) Complete a hunting license, join a hunting club or otherwise prove you can actually hunt 2) Be a sportshooter, join a club or otherwise prove you can actually access a shooting range and shoot 3) Complete military training and join a reserve organisation where they practice shooting

Hunters can get weapons they need for hunting, either shotguns for small game or rifles for mooses.

Sportshooters can get those .22 rifles or pistols.

Reserve shooters can get the weapons classified as useful by the Defence Forces, only semi-automatic rifles (no full automatic assault rifles), shotguns or pistols.

Obviously the easiest way for the mass murderers who appear to have been "lonely nolifes" is to be a sportshooter. The guy here had to convince the police in a questioning that he can practice shooting at some shooting range.

15 year olds can still as of now register a gun for those purposes if approved by a parent. The EU directive, which Finland approved after November 2007 shooting will change that to 18 year olds, but a younger can still co-own a gun with an adult. You have to remember most under-18 shooters are proper people who go hunting with their own group to property they own, though.

Now they're going to stricten the laws so that police can access medical files to check medications for example, and stricten directives where the guns can be kept.

Not sufficient in my opinion, all semiautomatic guns should be banned. All sportshooting competitions are shot with a single-shot .22 pistol, the practice can be done with those as well.

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13th May 2004

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#42 11 years ago
stylie;4597321No its totally true. There is a waaaaay larger proportion of suicide in Seattle. They say its from the incredible amount of rainy days in the NW.

i dont doubt it, belgian weather is quite depressive too.

Ofw. Josef Schneider

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20th October 2007

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#43 11 years ago

Actually, I'm constantly subliminal depressed because here we hadn't a real winter in three or four years. That tears me down.

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9th December 2003

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#44 11 years ago

Tedacious;4597997Well, it's an easy explanation to all this.

He listened to hard rock, he liked to drink and have sex. How can you NOT stat a shootout?

one of our newspapers did say that it was because of those reasons that he did what he did. very intelligent. he probably played video-games as well.

Sounds more like a tabloid (or religious pamflet) to me. :rofl: