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3rd November 2005

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#11 13 years ago

The problem with the early Typhoon was its powerplant. First developed from a 1937 order, First as the Tornado. 1700hp RR Vulture engine. broken crank shafts,push rods and connecting bolts stopped further development of this engine.Renamed Typhoon in 1938,entering service in 1941.Had 2200hp Napier Sabre 24 cylender engine. Bad high altitude performance due to poor turbo supercharging.The sabre engine was infamous for hard starts in cold weather and a mantinence nightmare.As the engine sat oil tended to collect in the bottom 12 cylenders and manual clearing somtimes diddent get rid of it all resulting in the entire head cracking upon startup.The tempest was the next redesign with thinner wing.relocation of radiator in wings.466 mph at 25000ft.finally fixed the low alt performance by 1943-44. The finest version of this aircraft in my opinion would be the Fury and Sea Fury, 2200-2450 hp Bristol Centaurus 18cyl radial. a little late for ww2 but some of those are still flying today at the Reno air races. Strange how the aircraft engine makers were getting almost 1hp per ci in the 1940s when it took till the late 60s and early 70s to do it in the auto industry.anyway enough of my stupid banter.

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