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28th August 2006

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#21 12 years ago
zuiquan1;3806997Scale of Flight Simulator... Graphics and physics (and everything else) of Crysis.... Sandbox style of gameplay ala the Battlefield series.... Player scale ala WoW.... No ranking system......

Oh there would be ranking. That's what I meant by a food chain; you have to knaw your way to the top...


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5th December 2004

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#22 12 years ago

How about you guys making serious posts with actual game ideas, instead of the sarcasm. Especially those with the repeated spam.. If you dont have an idea then dont post!


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6th December 2004

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#23 12 years ago

Hmm... I'd make an MMO, with actual content and not a long winded repetitive task meant to waste your time just long enough to sneak another $15 bucks out of your pocket. Instead I would have a game that would try to emulate the social, economical, and military situations of the real world. Players would have to rely on proper planning, alliegances, and their own wits to survive in the world, not silly stats and magic numbers.

Player gameplay: I would do away with the standard level and stats system seen in most MMOs. There would be no "Levels" so to speak, skills such as accuracy with arrows or blocking would be determined in realtime do to direct input from the player, to aim a bow you would have to acutally aim your bow, to block with your sheild, you would need actual timing. Your skill level would determine the level of equipment you could use, and that equipment would be the only thing that seperated a total newbie from the highest level player, base stats would barely change.

Enviroment: There wouldn't be a specific field you could travel to and find a bunch of one type of enemy just wandering in circles aimlessly until something walked up to them. The world would be dynamic, enemies would spawn out of sight, and then they go about their daily lives as if they have lives to live as well. Monsters that eat meat go out and hunt, care for their young, have in fighting between packs in a purely unscripted manner. Bandits roam around in groups looking for situations where they can pillage and loot.

In other words, if your quest was to kill a dragon, you better know where a dragon likes to hang out and it's behavior because you would acutally have to hunt the thing down, not go to some predetermined spot where he always hangs and respawns every 5 minutes.

Guilds: Aside for a few starting cities and camps, all developed areas would be a direct result of guild actions. Guilds would choose an alligance to a specific faction and after that, they are able to develop new towns, even new cities in that factions name. Guild run cities would be in charge of the logistical, economic, and defensive policies governing that town. Towns would require food, water, and material resources to thrive which would have to be attained locally, or through trade routes. NPCs for that town would be dynamic, if a town wanted to craft high level weapons, it would have to be large enough to attract skilled craftsmen NPCs and would require the logistical support to supply materials.

Oh yeah, and towns would behave like towns, just like enemy mobs, NPCs have their own lives to look out for, they won't be hanging in the same area 24/7 without any visible means of support. Stores will have hours, shopkeepers will occasionally go eat or sleep. Quest givers will give quest that directly benefit them, if they send you out to kill wolves and skin them, you bet your ass that it will have a direct effect elsewhere in the town be it items that appear for sale or whatever.

Wars: Guilds of opposing factions can freely engage in conflicts with other towns. These wars would largely involve NPC recruited armies that could be further supported by players. The ability to raise and equip armies would be directly related to the towns ability to raise the numbers, equipment, and logistical supplies required. If you send your army halfway across the continent, they need to be fed, properly clothed, and equiped to do so. Marching an army through snowy mountains or inhospitable deserts would see a percentage loss due to disease, desertion, and other factors depending on how well equiped they are.

Towns under attack could be seiged or assualted. The ability of a town to hold out would hinge upon the supplies and defenses of that town as well as the strength of an invading force along with weather, terrain, and other things. Armies could meet in field and anything from minor skirmishes to massive battles involving hundreds could erupt.

Hell I could go and give an entire design doc here, but basically what I would want to see in a MMO I made is a complex strategy game with an adventure game played inside it. A completely dynamic world where any two servers could be vastly different and players actually played a role in influencing the world instead of being passive entities within it.:naughty: There's a hell of alot more I could write, but I don't wanna.


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21st February 2005

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#24 12 years ago

A game, or perhaps a mod, based on the Falklands conflict. Slogging it out amongst the mountains with fair bit of aero-naval combat around the islands sound good to me.


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4th March 2006

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#25 12 years ago
Real-BadSeed;3807038How about you guys making serious posts with actual game ideas, instead of the sarcasm. Especially those with the repeated spam.. If you dont have an idea then dont post!

No spam on my part, I'm quite serious.


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21st February 2004

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#26 12 years ago

A 100% realistic 'Second Life'. Real politics, a real player-driven economy, and above all the ability to go to war.

Imagine it - for the first time a war game in which you would have reason to care about the result. A neighbouring nation bought up by extreme nationalists has decided to expand and destroy all you and your neighbours have built in your country. Your local government sends out a call to arms. Everyone involved is a real person. That, for me, regardless of the level of realism, would be the best war experience a game could offer - because you would actually care if you lost.

Other things would be neat too - perhaps a two-week long admin triggered event which released a virus like rage in 28 days later into the game world - see what happened to the economy and the world around it, then reset everything back to how it was.

Put simply, my dream game is a REAL second life, with all those things that you'll never do in them, be they defending your home from imperialist tanks with your neighbours, or running from screaming infected local shopkeepers.


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7th January 2006

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#27 12 years ago

WWI online. Destructible environments so you can see the area deteriorate as the battle progresses. Weather effecting play such as heavy rain hindering tanks and generally slowing the whole war machine down. Oh and it would be free cus paying for shit sucks.


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17th July 2003

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#28 12 years ago

My idea of a perfect game?

BF2 with a REAL SDK and free source code to developers. No other game IMHO allows such complete integration of ships, aircraft, tanks, infantry, artillery, etc. into one gaming system.

Imagine FH2 with a actual fligth sim type code so aircraft acted more like aircraft. Or better collision detection and physics effects. And ability to do animations at will.

You have seen some of the awesome mods for BF1942, Imagine what could be done with proper documentation, a real SDK, and access to the source code.

My favorite BF1942 mods were Star Wars and FH. Never got a chance to play the WH40K one but was eagerly waiting. Last I saw BF2 version was still in works.