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5th June 2003

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#1 13 years ago

Lao Che is quite new polish rock band.What is special about this band is the fact , that it's the ONLY polish band i know who recored album about history-"Warsaw Uprising" in that case.This album is so great that even old combatants who fought during the rising love this album because all the lyrics and feeling reminds them that days.And what's very importand it's not nationalistic or facizm/neo nacizm packed album,guys play rock/punkrock and they did something that all the polish nazi/skinhead bands tried to make,but they never succeeded,because they are brainless lol.Lao Che are inteligent young people singing about another young people who lived 60yrs ago and mostly died fighting for freedom.I know many of You will never be able to feel this thing or understand because they sing in polish only, but if someone is interested I'll give here links to their live show in Warsaw Uprising Museum,so You can see it and hear it (too bad You don't know polish),Interesting thing in that show is that there's lot's of archive movie clips from Warsaw Uprising used during the show. Check it for your self if You want (studio album sounds much better that this live show,but it's still very original and faster) Show is in 3 parts each 8 minutes, links: