Modern German troops are NAZI's!! -1 reply

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10th July 2006

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#31 13 years ago



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18th August 2006

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#32 13 years ago

Stupid Brits, If I'm not mistaken, And I'm NOT.

It was THE Winston Churchill, leader of the same Brits stating: "We have a very daring and skilful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general" And upon hearing of his death: "He also deserves our respect, because, although a loyal German soldier, he came to hate Hitler and all his works, and took part in the conspiracy to rescue Germany by displacing the maniac and tyrant. For this, he paid the forfeit of his life. In the sombre wars of modern democracy, there is little place for chivalry." Heck, calling him a nazi commander is really the lowest the BBC could go... (Unless they want to differ with Winston.. Which is like their greatest Brit of all time...)

Glad they at least rightfully editted THAT Part.

As for the rest, Germany should stop running from their past. I'm not saying it shouldn't be illegal to display swastika's and publically spread facism. I'm just saying they should accept it and NOT be ashamed of the entire third reich history, as aside from the horrible things the regular Heer still deserves not to be mentioned as a "nazi army", etc.

They're trying to censor EVERYTHING related to WW2 which is a ridiculous attempt to deal with such a history. Running away like they've been doing for 60 years won't help anyone. I mean...symbols used by Afrikakorps? WHO CARES? As long as they don't cross a line and use SS runes/swastika's.

If my dad/grandfather would've been with the Heer/Luftwaffe/Kriegsmarin (Obviously not SS though), even as a lowranking officer, I would be PROUD to know that he stood up and fought for his fatherland, all politics aside. (And that doesn't make me a nazi, just someone that dares to say what probably MOST germans feel)

Lt. Leroy

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27th October 2004

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#33 13 years ago

I wish all these PC people had one big neck, so I could choke them all at once!


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#34 13 years ago

Hi all. Dont believe every shit in the news. If they would open there fucking eyes, they would see that there is allready a Tank battalion in the near of Neustadt with a palm symbol. So its just a stupid news, without news.

greetz from germany



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9th January 2005

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#35 13 years ago
Lt. Leroy;3344185I wish all these PC people had one big neck, so I could choke them all at once!

hehe your right:D:D