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20th March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

This week I bought my copy of Call of Duty 2 and I have some questions and comments. Let's start with the question. The biggest question, which is utterly important to me, how does the multiplayer works? Do I have to patch it or what? If any of you owns CoD2 and could answer this questions, would be great! I have now finished the Russian and North-Africa (have to start Caen yet) and until now I'm really statisfied. Some little comments are... Not to much tanks. The PzII is firing 1-shot and not multiple HE-rounds. And all German MG's are MG42's. Oh yes and in Stalingrad 1942 I can pick up a Gewehr1943. Right?.. But this doesn't ruins the fun. It's a good build-up game, with a way better engine then BF2, and I love the fact some Germans aren't dead but pull out their sidearm and start firing at you, or they give you, just before they die, a little present. "watch out potato masher!!" A last note, is it just me or does the Mosin Nagant sound alot like the FH2 No4? So, please answer my question and feel free to post your opinion.


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11th March 2006

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#2 10 years ago
LordInvictus;4347230A last note, is it just me or does the Mosin Nagant sound alot like the FH2 No4?

I think we had someone come in and accuse the FH2 devs of stealing the No4 sound from the CoD2 Mosin Nagant the day after the Handweapons teaser was released. IIRC it was Fatjoe who had recorded the sound with his own No4.