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#1 10 years ago

Named Changed Please?

I know its probably a pain in the arse, but when i registered, i noticed i didn't want the username i signed up on these forums =/, so i was wondering if i could have it changed to Moriarty instead of sorry to be a pain.

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9th December 2003

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#2 10 years ago

Only admistrators can do name changes.

The short answer is: You have to wait for a name change amnesty (every now and then in the main (not FH!) general discussion forum:

The longer and more detailed answer can be found in the main forum feedback forum ( Damn, I can't quite locate it.

I guess I will explain it myself then: To prevent confusion name changes are only done a few times a year during a special event. This way people won't change name from day to day causing a lot of confussion. During the name change amnesty event you can change your name to anything else aslong as the name hans't been taken yet or violete the general forum rules. Only in exceptional cases are name changes approved outside these events (non actually in the last couple of years to my knowledge...).


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13th April 2005

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#3 10 years ago

You only have 5 posts dude, just create a new account.

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7th March 2003

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#4 10 years ago

Or wait a couple of months for the amnesty.