New PCI network cards made specifically for gamers -1 reply

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28th August 2006

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#1 13 years ago

I just wanted to alert the community since this is a pretty damned cool invention. I will let the main page do most of the talking but judging by the reviews it works awesomely and has a dramatic effect on ping and F.P.S. and works excellently in vista since it's a new O.S. and there are still inefficiencies to be flushed out from its' networking stack but it looks like a worthy investment since it won't be useless like an old videocard unless they make the internet bandwidth/internet infrastructure bigger. So you won't have to keep buying a new NIC card every six months/year... like a vid card yet still get a huge performance boost. You might also be able to go longer between vid-card upgrades since it has an 18% increase(on of the highs) on F.P.S. I'd just wait until the hype has abated.:nodding: Network Interface Card – Killer NIC – Network Card PC Perspective - BigFoot Networks Killer NIC K1 and FNA Bit Torrent Client Review Puget Custom Computers: The KillerNIC - Is It Worth It?