OMFG! Christopher Reeve died at 52... :( -1 reply

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27th June 2004

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#31 14 years ago

The guy put up alot of money for stem cell and other spinal treatment research, so he did make a difference, atleast more then us. Does anyone really care bout somthing till it happens to you? I doubt very few do. He wasnt a great actor but who else could say they were superman and actualy be known as being superman. His time was up and now he is gone, no reason to bash him for his achievements.


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6th October 2003

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#32 14 years ago

MK.Yes, because teenagers and young adults have the medical knowledge and resources to research incurable diseases. Good thinking, idiot. [/QUOTE]

Oh, so it is incurable? How would you know? Are you a doctor?

And by researching I didn't mean researching literary you dumbass. I meant it like spreading awareness about how you get AIDS, how to prevent it and various information. Not actually funding a laboratory or anything.

My lack of common sense? Why? I just replied to your post that almost said that he was scum because he didnt do anything before he got paralyzed, with a completely normal answer. Now I don't know how you idiots define common sense but if you ever run by a dictionary you can look it up.

MK.Quite an assumption, since you know absolutely nothing about me. Don't presume to know everything.

Vice versa, you prick.

[QUOTE=MK.]In any event, Reeve didn't research anything himself. He was only an activist that helped to promote spinal cord research. Big difference.

So what? He gave funds and raised public awareness. And you call that nothing? You must have done some PRETTY big things in your life if you can act to his actions in such a superiour attitude.

But do me a favor -> if you ever get a heavy disease and you at least try to promote it, smack the person who listened to you in the face because he was an idiot to listen to such a phony who didnt give a fuck about that thing before.