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#1 15 years ago


Since everyone is telling me to upgrade my Ram, I first looked at the specs of my motherboard. It says max limit 512RAM

I already have 512Ram, and two slots left.

What will happen if i add more ram? eg. 512mb sp i have 1024 totaly? Does the mobo accept that?

These are the specs of my mobo: Asus TUSL2-C Socket 370 (PIII) CPU: PIII 1200mHz

Is there a possibility to mak an update from the bios so it will accept another 512mb? Or is there another way to 'tweak a little?'

Thx in advance


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#2 15 years ago

Their bios-discriptions don't show anything about more RAM. I'd write Asus a mail and ask. Asking a helpful mod to move this to the Techforums might also help :)