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11th April 2005

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Will you go to bed? Don't make me tell you kids again...


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10th July 2006

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You know us old folks, senility makes us less needfull of sleep. YouTube - ANIMAL - MUPPET SHOW YouTube - the muppet show-rita moreno and animal-"fever"= (Can someone translate what she says to animal?) YouTube - Johnny Cash on the Muppets=

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9th December 2003

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#43 13 years ago

Immigrating here has been made a lot thougher recently (talking about economic immigration here refugees have a lot e asier time finding temporary shelther but they aren't granted citizenship easily either). Guess the easiest thing to move to the Netherlands for econmic reasons is to A) Already live in the EU which means that you have the right to live and work everywhere in the EU B) Marry a Dutch man or woman.

I find it pretty reasonable that laws have been made more strict ensuring that people who seem to have to intend at all to intergrate (learn the langauge, respect the culture etc.) stay out. It sucks perhaps and I wish I could give everybody a reasonabily good life but we can't afford it.

Atleast with the expansion of the EU we can help eastern europe to become more wealthy though (so that they don't need to move here anymore either if the standards there are nearly the same). As for the rest of the world: I guess a more free market would help there but with all powerfull nations protecting their own market countries like Africa still have a major disatvantage just look at farming products... it's about time that all these protects are decreased a lot.