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19th March 2007

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#141 10 years ago

Did you guys see the commercials where the Mexican Tourist agency/bureau is practically begging people to come back and spend money on Mexican soil? They lead off congratulating their government on containing Swine flu, then go on to say its all gone, and then go into some sort of spiel saying "We hope to see you soon." or something.

I thought it was funny...


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#142 10 years ago

Well, afaik, to stop the Swine Flu, mexico had to stop production, close everything, losing ALOT of money.

Calling these people back is not a bad idea, they have to start again, the lost money and sh1t.

Same thing will happen here


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11th April 2005

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#143 10 years ago

Okay, this stuff is getting a little spooky again. "They" are saying there are similarities in the H1N1 virus and the 1918 pandemic that killed somewhere around 50 million, maybe more: New flu resembles feared 1918 virus: study | Health | Reuters

And "they" are also saying this flu is it's "unstoppable": Swine flu 'unstoppable', all countries will need vaccine: WHO

Now, I recognize there are any number of reasons, most of them having to do with money, study funding, employment or professional advancement, that can account for why spokesmen or scientists would spin a virus into a bigger scare than it actually poses. For example, I can easily see how the huge pharmas, with money coming out the wazoo, may have bribed one, or even several, of the key people in the World Health Organization to issue a scare statement saying, "Each country must stock up immediately on swine flue virus, available this week only at GlaxoSmithKline during their big 2-for-1 sale!" But I'm getting ready for the grownups to step in and say "BS" right about now....that is, if they're going to.

EDIT: (I've finally found an advantage to being a mod - "long time edit" for my personal posts!) One thing noticed about the article which said the H1N1 was similar to the 1918 flu: Persons born before 1920 seem not to catch it or if they do, to have as bad a case.

Well. So all the 90-year-olds can breathe easier...if they're breathing at all.