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5th May 2007

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#81 11 years ago

Well, looks like I'm back here. I joined MindFreedom and am starting a branch in the UK because I had my liberty taken away in 2003 and 2005 for simply being traumatised over abuse going on in my family. It was the same thing as being sent off to the Gulag - there was a political element - my unacceptable ideas of belief in the spirit. Or was it hanging around with Anarchists from 1998 to 2003 ?

Anyway, no matter. The point is that when someone is traumatised, do we look after them, we give them toxic drugs, or in the USA ... electrocute them ...


The place - the incarceration unit - was like the, was it room 101, out of 1984 ? I wonder if it's what he was writing about. If he was, then he was lying. The rats can be survived and the resistance and protest can continue.

I refuse to get stuck in 1984 !