What role did your family play in WWII? -1 reply

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19th September 2004

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#221 11 years ago

Dutch Grandfather - Civilian Polish Grandfather - Doctor in mobile field hospital during September Campaign.

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21st October 2005

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#222 11 years ago

Paternal grandfather had tuburcleosis, he worked in an aircraft factory and died shortly after the war. Maternal grandfather was a pilot. Flew patrols off the Queen Charlotte Islands. (That's South of Alaskan panhandle) and trained pilots. Great Uncle was in Canadian Infantry. After my grandmother died we found he sent postcards back from every town in Holland he helped liberate. Kinda cool really, my mom has them now.


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13th August 2004

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#223 11 years ago

Grandmother worked on building B25s and B24s. Grandfather on my mother's side landed in Normandy June 7. Other grandfather served on USS Kearsarge CV-33. I don't know what job, but he stayed for years. My grandfather in law was in the Army Corps of Engineers, specialized in demolitions. He was shipped to Normandy a few days after the landings and was put behind the front lines building permanent bridges behind the advance. He still has relics from that time that I hope I can have someday...His M1911 and an Artillery Luger he found (He won't say how he found it. I don't want to intrude).

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2nd May 2005

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#224 11 years ago

Grandpappy (mom's side) was about to be sent to drive PT boats, when they discovered a spot on his lung. So he ended up inspecting customs houses somewhere around the East Coast, thankfully.

Grandpappy (dad's side) froze his ass off in a foxhole on the Swiss-German frontier, keeping a bead on the hun.

Grandsonny Fuzzy (both sides) has been making sure the boche stays beat via an active career in computer WWII simulations ever since.


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18th February 2007

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#225 11 years ago

My great great uncle was Sir George Jones, RAAF Officer.

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25th September 2004

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#226 11 years ago

Um...any more info?>__


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11th January 2008

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#227 11 years ago

Mother's side Their family was a group of german speaking people living in the Ukraine. When the war started my grandfather was fighting on the Russian side. There was some event where the germans captured him and a bunch of other soldiers. They were executing them down the line, and he spoke out in german that he was a german. They passed him by and he fought on the German side for awhile. That is how the story goes. They eventually moved to the states, where my mother was born. Father's Side Grandfather was a barber on some US ship. I forget the name. It has either been sunk, or is sitting off the coast of San Francisco in one of their boat graveyards. I can't remember what the ship was.


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#228 11 years ago

On my mother's side, I had an uncle who served in the Escuadron 201. It's a Mexican voluneer corps. I am not sure if he was a pilot or if he was ground personel. On my father's side, the uncle of my grandmother, was killed by German soldiers, 2 Germans where argueing, fighting if you will, and he started to interfere. The Germans got mad and beated him up with the buts of their rifles. There is a monument in Sint-Niklaas, not far from here, and his name is written on it.

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26th April 2004

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#229 11 years ago
One of my grandfathers was on a supply sub, and the other was training for Operation Downfall when the bomb was dropped.