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9th September 2004

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#41 11 years ago

Real-BadSeed;3906104Imagine designing your own custom pet.[/quote]

We have already been doing this for hundreds of years through selective breeding. Coincidentally we have already managed to create what some would deem as 'monstrous' looking creatures, hairless cats and dogs? lol

We've even managed to strip once proud breeds of their inherent dignity, example the 'min-pin' or miniature dobermein pincher, oh what once a robust proud breed that was lol.

We've managed to toy enough with animals in our history and in my peronal opinion we've already taken it far enough. [quote=Real-BadSeed;3906104]Tbh i find nothing horrific in the idea of creating new animals, including a human hybrid like in that picture. A little weird, yes maybe.. But its not more ethically wrong imo then genetically engineering a new mold resistant grain or something.

Grain doesn't have eyes, a brain, a heart, feelings, do I need to say more?

I could see the benefits to scientific research, but as long as it was closely governed and scrutinized, and in any circumstances none of these processes were ever allowed to proceed past a certain developmental point. If 14 days is good enough for them to aquire the important pieces to the puzzle that is required to further research without breaking any moral or ethical boundries, then 14 days it shall be and no more.

Not ripping on ya RBS, I just don't agree with that viewpoint.