Will you guys be doing FH3 on Bad Company 2? -1 reply

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31st July 2004

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#41 10 years ago

I really disliked OFP, the only real reason i would even want FH to port to BFBC or Bf1943.. would be for MG's that have bipods to be mounted on freaking walls and windows.... thats my only reason. .. thats not even strong enough for anything.. FH2 .. is going to keep on getting better and just better as the new areas of war come along. BF2 engine is fine. not the best but is fine IMO.. plus Crysis engine,.. omg. you gotta me kidding.. most of us would have to upgrade.. I just bought a cpu to play games.. and it could run Crysis at a steady rate of 30 FPS on the gamer settings. .. but lets face it people just dont have the money especially in these times to drop that kind of cash out for a computer like that.


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#42 10 years ago

Its like Mudra said earlier back...

Fh2 hasn't even hit the true climax of popularity yet. Its just not even close. However, I and I'm sure most of you feel that Normandy will be a positive turning point for the BF2 mod fan-base. -----

Its all new. When you switch to a new engine, you are switching to a completely different type of people. To many, many, BF2 mod players, Fh2 is a new mod, regardless of its past success with FH1 on BF1942 engine. I can't begin to address that enough. And don't take offense to this, but as far as bf2 mod fans are concerned (I mean the die hard ones that never played fh1 or anything like that), FH1 doesn't matter. Because, like I said above, bf2 has a completely different type of community.

Even suggesting FH2 switch engines is preposterous. It doesn't take a straight A student to know that doing so would be the worst move for FH2. Not only would you piss off half the fh2 community, but you would, once again, be stepping into a new type of gaming community. It seems a few of you have little regard for hard work, this is probably because you don't understand much about modding. But, hey, you don't need to understand modding to know that it takes work. And you can't just hit the magic port button and switch to a knew engine. The impracticalities of that are so great, writing more about it isn't worth it because the majority of you understand, and have respect for what mod teams do.

Honestly, BF2 is not going anywhere any time soon. It still has one of the strongest fan bases of all DICE/EA games. The new patch is going to bring many new people, as well as bring back old timers.


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8th October 2008

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#43 10 years ago

Knowing how hard it is to develop a mod is not part of common knowledge, so take it easy on the n00b. And I think he got his question answered. I think the FH devs will make Normandy VERY beautifull and full of normandy atmosphere, so I don't think you'll be crying for a better engine. Although perhaps a better Tiger engine.


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4th March 2006

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#44 10 years ago
Tiny578;4798311Knowing how hard it is to develop a mod is not part of common knowledge, so take it easy on the n00b.

Jaws is most definitely NOT a modding noob, I think his post was made in jest, or maybe he was serious.... either way, he knows how to mod.


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29th August 2005

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#45 10 years ago

Well you know EA... Once they start milking a cow, they stay milking it until the udder falls off.


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29th April 2006

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#46 10 years ago

actually, my dream is to let FH2 gets popular in China, you know, many unemployed graduates from computer science are boring, i wonder what if all they start to work for FH2! an update per hour!!