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28th August 2006

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#41 10 years ago

IL-2 Is great, but again I wish I could locate my old Battle Of Britian disc, so that I could raid an airfield with not just aircraft, but vehicles as well.

The thing I loved about Battle Of Britian, was not so much its flight model (although slightly easier than IL'2s i must admit) it was that Battle Of Britain, while its name insisted it was about that battle, it wasn't, there was still many theatre's of war, and airplanes from many countries which were not even remotely involved in the Battle Of Britian. Unlike IL'2 the Free Flight was more a war simulation, at any given time a group of aircraft would be raiding an airfield somewhere, or an armored column would be advancing on a city. Instead of spawning at a pre-determined airfield, you could use the dynamic map to select the airfield you wished to spawn at, either from the ground or you could set an altitude.

From what I also can remember, there was a short 24 hour cycle that gave the impression of Night and Day, and you were never at a shortage for aircraft. It was not like IL'2, where if you fail a quick mission you must restart it from scratch, instead in Battle Of Britian you could just spawn again in a new aircraft and continue the fight, or if your attempts in the air were failing, you could spawn with a small group of armor, and tear up the scene.

And if that wasn't good enough for you, you could join a naval confrontation, either from the seat of the captain in the bridge, or from an anti-aircraft battery on a cruiser, and defend yourself against an onslaught of enemy dive bombers.

All around I liked it more than IL2 because of the extra features, its really why I am dissappointed Battle Of Britian 2 is not working for me at the moment, I really wanted to see if the game had changed alot, or it remained the same concept.

Im hoping in the future for a flight simulator that actually is what it should be, a simulator, Upon spawning onto a map there should be a fully dynamic war taking place, in which I can choose what to do, not just fly around.


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17th October 2003

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#42 10 years ago

Having chewed my way through most of these flight sims....CFS 1, II, II, various mods for same, European Fighters, Mig Alley, a few helicopter sims, and the Sturmovik series, I'd put Sturmovik as head and shoulders above the others in terms of accuracy and flight model. In fact, the only other sim that gave me the same feel of actually flying is, believe it or not, WWII online. Although the flight model and controls were not as developed as a dedicated flight sim, they were very good, and (at least for me) gave you the "feel" of bouncing around ind a WWII prop fighter.

I had the opportunity to actually fly in one, (Well, a Texan, but close...) in one of those commercial flights where they take off and land, and let you fly (to the extent you're comfortable) in between.

Rig up your current version of Sturmovik with full realism and Track IR, and it's about as close as you'll come short of one of the big, wrap-around commercial training machines.