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13th April 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Wow! I bought mine at Christmas and finally broke down and got the live membership. I forgot how much fun it can be just lounging around console gaming. This "new Generation" is so far and away better then anything Ive ever seen. The graphics and HD power and online experience is quite fun. I am playing mostly EA NHL '07 and Tiger Woods'07. I occasionally pop in COD3, but I dont know the maps. Ive only played that online 3-4 times and I have to say it was a good experience. I forgot about "every man for himself" type stuff! I find the experience is better with a smaller amount of players, 5 v 5 and such. With a smaller server I found it was much more tactical then I was expecting. i havent driven any vehicles, just tooling around, my FH skills paid off though, It was quite easy to school people. If I learn a map and find it's hidey-holes, its gonna be lights out. Also, I gotta say... Its like an FPS in Cyrodil (Oblivion if you dont know). Crouched down with a mud puddle to your left and wildflowers to your right. Is it as technical as FH, though? of course not! Just shoot em up fun. If any of you guys play any of those games I mentioned, send me a friend invite, my name is Ssstylie. I downloaded the demo for BF Modern Combat. I may actually pick it up as I have a game that I am going to return. I think its retail for $30 now so why not.