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30th May 2003

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#1 14 years ago

This thread was requested by AceS. Post here your suggestions for 0.66 after playing 0.65. Every suggestion made will be added to this post, so that the devs get a good look at what the people here want. On October 9th this list will be completed and presented to the devs, so they can make this a better mod, with your help. So, post what you think should be changed, added or gotten rid of (remember 0.66 will be a patch, so some things can't be changed (like overall filesize)). All suggestions are welcome, but do keep the following rules in mind: - No new vehicle suggestions. - No new map suggestions. - No new weapon suggestions. - No spamming. Suggestions so far: Forgotten Hope general: -Keep great viewing distances -Fix sound issues (Maybe have tanelorn do it?) -Fix Crash to desktop on pacific co-op maps ----------------------------------- -Give Japanese imperial navy flag on maps with ships -Return capture the flag support General Issues: -Add carbine to tank commander random weapon -Remove ability to kill self shooting flak into sandbags -Fix bots not using anti-tank weapons -Fix the passenger animation on tanks -Replace PPSH41 from kit with satchel charges -Keep artillery spots stay active after spotter dies -Lock driver position in artillery when someone is in firing position ----------------------------------- -Add whizzing and whisteling sound to falling shells -Add 'Hold Formation' command -Add new equipment to Russian and Americans (backpacks and such) -Add greatcoats / trenchcoats -Add camo netting on British helmets on all maps DDay+ -Remove German equipment on Finish Soldiers -Remodel British Dday plus helmets -Make parachuters unable to shoot -Change tank commander into tank crew -Fix colors on DAK uniforms; khaki with silver band lined with 2 gold stripes around right arm -Remove wrench from engineer and make it a tank hunter or sapper class -Fix position of British barets on head -Fix position of German caps on head -Make British baret in desert maps red, not tan -Make DAK mask more common -Make artillery-batteries more common -Make machinegun and mortar kits more common -Add nebelwerfer and katyusha batteries -Reduce HUD size -Reskin American and German faces (and heads) - Bring Panzerfaust 30 back to some maps. - Germans should be using Panzerfaust 100 in Alpenfestung - add more content/detail (backpacks, belts etc.) to american uniforms - Fix the hit soldier boxes, no kill after three hits with an M1 Garand. - spiffy up the German flag (no nazi flag though) - warning icons (like for friendly mines) when a deployed satchel is near - British Officers have sabres like the Polish Weapons: -Decrease bolt-action rifles rate of fire -Fix PPSH 41 kill message -Bring back knife to what it was in 0.61 -Make Geballte ladung time detonated -Make stick mag (+ random drum mag) PPSH 41 appear only on 1943 map and after -Make katana 1 hit 1 kill - SMGs are way too accurate and powerful from range ----------------------------------- -Add Polish CKM Wz 30 machinegun (only needs coding) -Add Polish Wz 24 grenade (only needs coding) -Add German belt-fed MG34 -Fix Tommygun reload animation -Fix FG42 reload animation (SWoWW2?) -Fix no2 reload animation -Fix bolt-action rifles reload animation -Fis RGD33 throwing animation -Randomise assaultkit weapon (especially for Germans) -Give Russians a correct satchelcharge skin -Increase loudness on Browning .50 cal -Increase loudness on satchel charge -Remove "Fire in the Hole" from satchel charges -Fix MG34 sound not matching the rate of fire -Make MG34 drum skin black -Fix .30 cal sound not matching rate of fire -Increase sound quality on katana banzai scream -Make deployable MGs have a low tripod and high tripod (for indoor use + sandbags) -Reskin Colt 1911 -Reskin American grenades to yellow on pacific maps - Fix the 6 Pounder aim - Check the Flak 18/36 aim - Make satchel charges disable, not destroy tanks - put STUG3G iron sight on all MG42's to get rid of the "ownage" - increase the jhonson lmg mag capacity to 30rnds - sniper damage needs to be bigger - Rename the actual Panzerfaust 30 to Faustpatrone - german troops should have the helmet with the folage ( on goodwood and falise pocket) - Fix the problem of mines still showing their surface instead of just the trigger tip. - stop tripodmg from sinking trough floors - the animation for firing the bolt action rifles should be changed, so that you constantly are holding the rifle in the shoulder and it is faster - replace nebelwerfer sound, current one is just "wrong". Vehicles: -Decrease bouncing on vehicles -Decrease bouncing on wrecked Crusader -Decrease flak 38 reloading time -Decrease Jeep hitpoints -Increase hitpoints on all bombers -Make all plane MG's shoot in unison -Decrease BF110 agility -Increase FW190 agility -Increase P47D agility -Increase zero agility and lower speed -Lower zero hitpoints -Increase tail/belly/nose gunners damage -Increase FW190 cannon damage -Fix spawn on Submarines (too many players spawn) -Fix spawn on American Aircraft carrier falling when elevator is down -Fix British 2pounder model glitch obstructing view -Fix M36 gunner position sticking out of turret -Fix player positions in the back of hanomag -Fix Matilda 2 LOD model -Fix BF110 (nightfighter) LOD texture -Fix Lancaster gunners view being obstructed by the glass -Make AA guns turn faster -Fix 5th gun on Fletcher not being enterable -Lower American Howitzer105mm projectile speed and increase arc ----------------------------------- -Add random vehicle skins -Add appropriate markings on vehicles -Add unshielded Flak 38 -Add movable artillery -Add gunsight to the Greyhound -Add second position to jagdpanzer with periscope -Replace Sdkfz 251 Hanomag with own model on all maps -Make flak 38 sight larger -Make Aircraftcarrier elevator act as repairpad for planes -Randomize BF109 cannons 20mm / 30mm -Replace M3 Stuart with better model -Replace Crusader 3 with better model -Replace German Uboat with better model -Replace most KV-1's with longer barreled model -Deepen the sound on the firefly gun -Increase loudness on stuka divehorn -Increase wreck detail -Camouflage stationary artillery guns with branches and twigs -Give Hatsuzuki 2 turrets to both front and rear sides -Give the appropriate planes HE ammo -Better conceal APC mines like regular mines -Fix M10 not having an open top (it should have) -Improve skin on desert sherman -Improve skin on panther -Improve skin on Panzer4H -Reskin shermans to match the jumbo -Reskin Su-76 and T-34 to match the KV-1 -Reskin / fix FW190 cockpit -Don't translate, use original vehicle names instead -Bring back the towed 88 -Add friendly mine warning to APC mines - Remove the Prince of Wales from all of the Pacific maps? She was sunk by Japanese planes long before any of these battles happened. Maps: ---Arnhem -Improve bot behaviour (bots getting stuck on bridge) -Make back flags 2 man cap points ---AlpenFestung -Fix gate bug appearing several times ---Battle of Britian -Remove the chuts ---Battle of The Bulge -Add folding-stock carbine for the Americans ---Blackknight -Add objects and music to castle -Add one additional firefly -Add a fighter-bomber for the British -Add German panther and jagdpanzer -Make castlegate closable and destroyable -Make allied base easier to break out of -Add some lights -Fix grey LOD model for the Churchill -Remove dayfighters -Reduce axis aircraft to one of each -Replace Greyhound with Daimler ---Bocage -Replace one German tank with the Tiger I ---Bombing The Reich -Add objectives to minimap -Add some lights -Add more planes -Add more transportation to planes -Add searchlights -Fix Wellington blocking hangar exit -Remove dayfighters -Make map end after objectives have been completed ---Breakthrough -Replace Greyhound with Daimler -Fix bouncing typhoons ---Coral Sea -Replace SBD with Devastator ---Crete -Fix vickers gunsight (sight is off) -Remove one tank and one jeep for balance -Fix out of bounds area west of German airfield ---Desert Rose -Add hurricane -Make the map wider (to give reinforcements more time) -Give liberty ship a purpose -Fix Fletcher missing turrets ---Falaise Pocket -Add FG42 ---Fall Weiss -Replace Bren with BAR1918 -Bring back Mors pickup kit - fix the CTD bug on coop ---Gazala -Balance Aircraft ---Gold Beach -Fix pit where you can't get out of -Make British start with more tickets -Move one flag a little closer to the base, so brits don't have to walk that far ---Goodwood -Make rear German HQ uncappable -Randomise British thompson and sten ---Guadalcanal -Add Johnson LMG kits to American base -Add bushes and shrubs on hillsides ---Karelia -Give the Russians 2 tanks ---Liberation of Caen -Replace Johnson LMG by Bren -Replace Garand with No4 ---Market Garden -Add stengun for the British ---Nordwind -Make bazooka-class pickup kit -Make ticketloss stop after 2 flags have been capped -Add another tank for the Germans ---Omaha Charlie Sector -Fix crash bug -Link bunkerspawn to bunkerdoors (doors blow up - no spawn) -Move beachspawn up to shingle -Balance ticket ratio ---Orel -Add ladders to buildings so paradroppers can get down ---Rheinuebung -Fix crash bug ---Sector 318 -Replace panther by Panzer4H -Give tank hunter kit (with satchels) 2 or 3 mines -Replace P-51's with P-47's or P-38's ---Stalingrad -Increase fog -Give Russians brown conscript uniforms -Replace howizers with katyushas -Move action-zone to the city, not the waterside ---Supercharge -Add more exits to German main base -Position German bases closer to the action -Change JU52 take-off direction ---Tarawa -Fix crash bug -Remove B-25 ---The Storm -Replace Panzer 4H with Tiger ---Tobruk -Fix StuG spawning inside of house ---Wake Island -Fix American spawnmenu -Fix Hatsuzuki (navy guns have flak 38 model) -Remove bofors (were not used on Wake) Suggestions Being Discussed: -Add short firedelay to panzerfaust -Remove scoreboard -Lessen overall lag -Lessen overall aircraft durability -Remove ability to reload by flighting over runway -Remove mines from infantery -Add mines to engineer -Make mines have a deploy time (no frisbee) -Add camera shake to stationary machineguns -Add morphine to every kit to heal 10% -Bring back old K98 -Reskin K98 -Increase rifle and heavy weapon crosshair recovery rate -Change riflegrenades back to how they were -Decrease PPSH 41 accuracy -Rescale aircraft carriers -Remove empty shells from planes -Equalize all rifle damage -Decrease Me262 rate of fire -Decrease Me262 agility -Increase BF109 damage and/or shoot guns in unison -Bombers should have a harder time getting out of dives -Karelia: Replace MP40 with tommygun -Prokhorovka: Add KV-2 -Valirisk: Make wrecked tanks more distinguisable - battle of foy: make the neutral flag near the shed uncapturable for germans - battle of foy: Give Allies more tickets then axis. Rejected or Impossible Suggestions: -Decrease overall filesize (get rid of unused content) *some suggestions might exclude eachother, this will (hopefully) be fixed somewhere near the 9th of October. ** Any suggestions before the line (-------) are more or less essential bug fixes / balance issues. All suggestion after the line (-------) are mostly esthetic suggestions and can be considered 'a little less important'. *Updated all the way to THE END


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3rd November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

Try to look for and remove any redundent game files like sound/textures etc,could make file size a tad smaller.(if there is none then ignore)

Vehicles bouncing around,it seems way outa control in 6.5 to me,willy jeep done 25 loop the loops for no reason?

Good look at the sound issues so obviosu in the mod.(maybe nuttin can be done)


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22nd September 2004

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#3 14 years ago

i can't stress this enoght LUGER LUGER LUGER..... thats all i have to say



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#4 14 years ago

Luger, agree on that one. And, euh, riflenades back as how they where, same goes for K98 looks and sounds. And less Lagable maps...


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2nd October 2003

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#5 14 years ago

Please remove the DICE Hanomag and replace it with the FH version. The DICE one is incorrect in that it shouldn't have a rotating 360 degree machine gun position. The FH version is correct with forward and rearward mounted machine guns.

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7th December 2003

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#6 14 years ago

-increase bomber hitpoint/armor, at least for non-vital parts like wingtips or hull. -increase damage either for BF109's machinegun or cannon a little bit -decrease hitpoints of the Jeep, or add a little area-effect to machineguns, so that the crew of a Jeep kicks the bucket more quickly -add Hurricane to Desert Rose (did they really use Swordfishs there? I thougth these obsolete planes were only used from carriers, but maybe I'm wrong) -IL2 handles perfeclty, maybe tweak other planes a little bit using this one as standard, for example: decrease BF110 agility a little bit -IMHO some planes handle strange when flying straight up or straight down, maybe let them stall a bit fast and gain speed more quickly when falling, but I have to test this out more to be sure

- and please keep the wonderful viewing distance, the amount of lag created by this isn't that much after all. With a bit of tweaking from the user's side it should be fine ->suggestion: include BF performance tweaking guide that can be found in the help-forum to some sticky thread or the manual or both


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25th September 2003

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#7 14 years ago

Bombing The Reich should have the objectives somehow marked for allies. Currently I often find myself explaining them to my teammates half of the map runtime. It should also end after all factories have been bombed, or something that way. People have no patience, and will leave the server as the spawnpoints run out.

Fix Rheinuebung and Tarawa. Some severe bugs there.



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28th December 2003

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#8 14 years ago

Suggestion: Remove the "selfkilling" when aiming too close the sandbags when firing some AA. It really ticks me off, other than that its really nothing i have to complain on, maybe more static mgs here and there ;)


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4th September 2004

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#9 14 years ago

- Fix the pit on Gold beach so that you can climb out of there, it has stairs but it doesnt work. Same place, find out what allowed me to do this, i was in the pit and suddenly i fell trough..


-make FH go easier on my comp ;)


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6th October 2003

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#10 14 years ago

- Increase the HP for Lancaster and Wellington for a little - Decrease rifle ROF (bolt rifles) for just a tad. You can fire while the bolt reloading sound is still playing. - Mark the objectives on Bombing The Reich for the sake of new people. - Sound system is a bit strange but I don't know if you can fix that so fast.