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#11 14 years ago

Ther is very little difference between 4x and 8x. If you're one of those completely insane people who overclock every component and make their computer into a fire hazard the likes of which the fire brigade have nightmares about just to get an extra 1 frame per second in the latest game, then there is a difference. To normal people, the difference is minimal. Certainly not enough to warrant buying a new motherboard if you can't really afford it. And the difference between 8x and PCI-E isn't sufficient to waste so much money on either, not for a year or two at least.


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#12 14 years ago
Jedi871308x has almost double the bandwith through the bus than the 4X.....basically...faster transfer speeds from the card to the mobo

So... More Power to the Card, More Speed }>


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#13 14 years ago

Chances are if your rig has x4 AGP then it's a fairly out-dated system anyway. But like Matt says, unless your a Pyro there's not all that much difference.

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