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12th August 2004

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#31 15 years ago

Yes, the Merciless devs (curse them j/k) said in their "State of the Cheesy Union Address" that the FH devs threatened to bring in the lawyers. They had said the FH devs were backing down. Here's their speech: Merciless State of the Union Address:

It has come to everyone’s attention regarding our separation from Forgotten Hope. We generously provided our entire mod for Forgotten Hope’s developers use to incorporate into their mod to work as an alliance and simultaneously work side by side with them. Unfortunately the Merciless staff was not greeted with equal respect and was left to feel used and taken advantage of and begotten for granted for all of our hard work. The early adopters of the Merciless team, that was involved in the FH/MC merger, left the endeavor vowing to never deal with Forgotten Hope again. A major beta testing mistake lead to the accidental inclusion of some content from the BG42 mod within a prior release of the FH mod. This was purely accidental and was removed from FH at the request of the BG42 team and all parties involved. Due to mass deliberate accusations and lack of proper required beta testing teams needed to produce a mod, Merciless Creations completely stepped away as an alliance developer with the Forgotten Hope development team. In good faith, MC allowed FH to continue to use the MC1942 mod in conjunction in the FH mod itself, until now.

Merciless Creations, desiring to expand its horizons, recently announced that it is converting its single sided client mod to a server sided mod. This will include all of the past client side additions, single side additions and many new exciting features to bring Battlefield 1942 back to true team play standards.

In our time of decision we came down to two paths –

1) We requested the Forgotten Hope team for no more than 10 models so that we may use them in our future mod (for the allowance of the FH team to use the MC mod for almost 2 years and MC getting *nothing* in return). This option would be the easiest, most logical, and fairest between all parties -- seeing as the FH has well over 50+ new models (allowing MC to use up to 10 of them). This would show the MC team their gratitude for allowance of FH to use the MC mod all this time, asking nothing in return and create positive community relations here-standing.

2) Our alternative least favorite option was to request that the Forgotten Hope team remove all of the MC content and mod included therein. This option would proposed if the MC team and the FH team could not achieve a reasonable solution to this simple request in MC’s time of need in their growth.

Seeing as any agreement was at an impasse and the FH team was not willing to carry out any respectful negotiations or solutions, the MC team came to the conclusion that option #2 would be the only solution. The Merciless team has worked countless hours on the MC1942 mod and feels that the merger with the FH mod was a grave mistake. Not only did the FH gain use of the MC mod for nearly 2 years within the FH mod, but indirectly did not give anyone from the MC team respect and basically ‘took the mod and ran’. In our time of need, we only wanted up to 10 simple models (tanks, planes, vehicles) as a simple “thank you” from the FH for being allowed to use the MC1942 mod this whole time within their mod.

The FH team abruptly refused any and all requests and negotiations, even threatening to bring attorneys into the scenario. This shows the community how completely disrespectful the FH development team could be to others in the community that were thought of as “proud supporters” of the community Forgotten Hope mod. Out of disgust, we chose to pull completely out of FH and to not support their future developments or their team. We regret that the Battlefield community may not know what really lurks behind the FH development team and their true intuitions when dealing with other developers in the community.

We have always chosen that the community helps build the Merciless 1942 mod based on user requests with pure community involvement and not be driven by an utter dictatorship without leadership.

Merciless Creations has been around for well over 5 years to encompass many grand development projects to include Total Annihilation, Motocross Madness 2, Call of Duty, and now Battlefield 1942. Whereas many other one hit wonder development studios will be here today and gone tomorrow, Merciless Creations will be here tomorrow and for the future to come!

We welcome any and all talented aspiring mod developers into our development staff as always with our open door policy. Our mod studios have even yielded many past team members full employment in the game industry just from their Merciless experience and talents while modding games! It is never too late to join a serious minded dedicated team to mod your favorite game… come visit Merciless Creations!

Sincerely, Eric Hester Lead Developer, Merciless Creations


(Many thanks to the entire team over the years that has encompassed Merciless Creations) [color=darkblue]__________________[/color] violent-smiley-089.gif

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17th March 2005

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#32 15 years ago

Oh dear lord not again. IN COMING!!!! *Sgt. Krotchrot grabs helmut and dives for nearest foxhole*



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18th April 2003

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#33 15 years ago

Dear god why do you keep bringing up the Merciless incident, that's the last things the devs (of both teams) need to be reminded of...


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12th March 2005

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#34 15 years ago

Makes me feel like FH and MC are two bloody dictators fighting each other. Makes me compare FH and MC to Iraq and Iran. Weird.


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#35 15 years ago

wjlaslo, StrangerThanFiction asked not to bring up MC in this thread. Please respect the wishes of the Forgotten Hope devs in this forum as much as the wishes of the moderators.

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