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19th February 2007

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#11 13 years ago

why such a big fuzz about the snipers it is a pickup kit and always will be there wont be 20 snipers on one map i think 2-4 snipers on each map are enough those are very specialized kits and it take some skill to handle them right, if you get TKed for that kit report to an admin and have the smacktard kicked, if there is no admin > run him over with a jeep and get the kit back ;) it is sad that people fight over kits or planes and stuff instead of playing together they kill each other ... and increasing the number of kits that spawn wont do anything to it



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13th May 2003

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#12 13 years ago

I like having the sniper kit spawn in the main base, and in such limited numbers. It makes it less of a kit which you select when you just want to.. ("oh, so you shot me from that clocktower?! Well two can play that game.. I'll just select the sniper then!")

It should be as limited and as rare as it is, in my opinion. I'm horrificly reminded on how Omaha Beach turned out, with the majority of the allied soldiers lying on the slope to the left with a sniper rifle, and a handfull of medics charging the flag.

In my opinion, this way, making it spawn in the main base, and making it as rare as it is, gives the players that really want to use it, the chance to use it. It's not a kit you can select at your convinence. It's a kit you have to go through trouble to reach and to use effectivly. and when you do...

..oh boy! :)



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6th January 2008

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#13 13 years ago

Sniper kit is no better than the standard K98 or Enfield that the scouts have at hand.. I'd rather take the scout kit. Imo the scope is a limit to field of view and adds no accuracy to the shot compared to standard rifles. If the sniper kit is or not and if only pickup in main base is of no importance in general to this game.. That's my 5 cents worth..


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18th November 2007

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#14 13 years ago

I remember old times with omaha for vanilla BF42. 1/3 of the US team was a sniper class while the rest was struggling to cap that damned flag. Never again, never again...

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20th October 2005

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#15 13 years ago
FatJoe;4198687...I'm horrificly reminded on how Omaha Beach turned out, with the majority of the allied soldiers lying on the slope to the left with a sniper rifle, and a handfull of medics charging the flag.

You thinking of MoonGamers Omaha server? ;) The thing was, those guys on the hill were all stat whores. Trying to run up there kdr for BFStats. Boy did they get angry if you targeted them with artillery, lol. Good times, good times...


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#16 13 years ago

lol yeah As someone who prefers the sniper kit and uses it whenever possible, I understand the whole getting to your position and getting killed before you get a shot off. my worst one was going from german tower in supercharge to next to bridge near britt main (walked most of the way) and getting shot because I accidentally stood up.

I've adapted to the problem by learning to shoot from further and using anything I can find as cover. I don't run for bases anymore, I run for anything that will hide me.

It is still my favorite kit though, It teaches you to be sneaky, sort of desensitizes you to tanks (I always find myself touching lags of tanks that are either going by me or sitting next to me targeting a base.) Allows me to spot them for my team, and still kill off any infantry that are with them from a good distance so they can't pinpoint my position easily.

A question for the mods, are there kits in some levels that don't show up even though they are supposed to. (Scoped rifles mostly) Or do they only show up depending on what flags a team has? Sidi for example.

Also the smoke screen the sniper has is a last resort tool. Don't use it unless someone knows you are there. Picture a tank watching the desert and seeing puffs of smoke forming for no reason.... what will be his first thought...

Best bet is to make sure you are lying down and not moving at all. The chances is he won;t even see you because he is so focused on tanks and arty. I've been caught in desert with no vegetation to hide in and just by staying still and lying down the tanks rolled by me and kept going for bases.

Lastly the only problem I have with spawnable scoped rifle kits is that sometimes someone grabs it and runs around for 15 mins doing absolutely nothing for the team. I find this especially bad in bardia. Instead of killing off the stationary machine gunners at the bridge they lie close to the main doing nothing Since it's an easy sniping map everyone goes for the rifle. (worse thing I've seen is a guy with that kit manning arty.)

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