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#21 13 years ago
OldschoolI've tried flying high, but it seems no matter how high I fly the AA down below always finds me :( Either those damn AA gunners have IR vision that can see though fog and clouds, or i'm just a sucky pilot (most likely the latter :p )

Real allied bombers couldn't fly higher than Flak 88mm range either.


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29th April 2006

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#22 13 years ago

i got an idea, have the gunner's sight in front of the shield....


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#23 13 years ago

The shields depend on what time period.

Early 88's didnt have the shield sine they were designed as AA guns. The shield was added later to protect the gun crews from small arms and shell fragments when used in ground fire mode. It was also not unheard of for some crews to remove the gunshield. It was felt the shield reduced the crews situational awareness and some felt the shield was too heavy and cumbersome.

While it is true AA guns were used in the direct fire in WW1, it was the Spanish Civil War that the 88 earned its reputation as a tank killer. On a few occasions the 88's were pressed into service to stop Republican tanks.

Supposedly based on this combat experience the Heer ordered that all cannons have a secondary ground fire role and AP rounds were ordered developed to support this secondary role, Thus the PzGr.39 was born.

In France in 1940 the 88 was again pressed into the AT role on several occasions, most notably to repel the British-French counterattack at Arras but it was in North Africa where the 88 was intentionally deployed with its primary role as a AT weapon.

The wide open flat landscape and the 88's legendary flat trajectory and hitting power earned the 88's place in history. The 88 furthered that reputation in Russia where it was also deployed alot as a AT weapon since it was the only gun that could deal with the T-34 and KV-1 at long range.


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#24 13 years ago

It's not just Flaks without their shields we wanna see more but flaks on wheels would be also quite nice too :) 88flak1.jpg


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#25 13 years ago

Reminds me when we use to have the deployable 88s.