Absurd weapons of WWII -1 reply

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6th October 2003

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#131 15 years ago

Yeah, it was going to happen no matter what. Hitler just wanted to make the first move.


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30th December 2003

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#132 15 years ago
OhioanMetric is dead man. Get with the wave of the future!

Bwahahahaha :lol: Spoken like a true American... and no, that's not a compliment ;)


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#133 15 years ago
Who_Flung_Poo?Hitler had planned to invade the USA after he was done with Europe and Russia, but when the Jap's bombed Pearl Harbor, it pulled him in sooner than he would have liked. Just think of all the other experimental things that were meant for taking out the US, like the Amerkia Bomber and the H class battle ships.

Don't forget that before the war began that it was fairly close to the USA joining Germany. They shared many views - perhaps not as extreme as Germany - but they felt very simarly on their eugenics policies (several USA states neutered a whole bunch of mental patients so they couldn't reproduce). I think it was probably only the fact that Britain became against Germany, and also Pearl Harbour of course later on sealed it. But before the war began in the 1930's USA was reasonably comfortable with the Nazi's and may have joined them.


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4th June 2005

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#134 15 years ago

Argh its a thread nercro! Bad xerxesdaphat