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21st October 2005

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#1 13 years ago

What do you think of this? BtR themed map. It would be the largest map size possible. The allies get Lancaster's and Wellingtons only. (maybe fighters) The axis gets various fighters and AA guns. The allied airfield would probably be an ABC zone allowing them to takeoff unmolested. Here's the difference though. The allied objective would not be to destroy objectives, but only to get to a certain point on the map. This is realistic as most bombing was 'area bombing', the bombers flew to a certain point, dropped their bombs and returned home. They were rarely expected to destroy specific targets. This would be represented by having several flags placed high above the ground. The flags would have a small capture area, but an instant capture time and would probably require 2 allies to cap them. (preventing them from being capped by fighters if they were included) Essentially the flags are capped by flying through them with a bomber carrying the requisite number of players. They would also be none re-capable. Several flags would be needed, and it would have to be a push map to keep one plane from capping them all at once. Say the allied base is in the far west. Flag 1 would be at the northeast corner, flag 2 at the southeast, flag 3 at the northeast, (near flag one) etc. The result SHOULD be that the allied objective is to fly several bombers across the map before time runs out. Axis objective is to stop them. Sound fun, unfun, workable, not workable, exploitable? Whatya think?


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11th September 2004

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#2 13 years ago

I had an idea along these lines: (and so did Safekeeper, but I can't find his thread) but your idea seems more realistic (as in easier to do).