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[COLOR=black][COLOR=black]In BF2, you can get points for support actions, kill damage assists, driver kill damage assists etc. I think this same concept should be applied to an air to air victory.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]The problem: In FH, people bail out of planes. Whether they do this without a parachute just to spite the person who shot them down, because they were over a friendly base when they got shot down, or to save their life and their team a point the result is the same: the pilot who shot them down doesn't get any points. If they die from falling, commit suicide because they are stuck or just drown, the other team loses a point, but the pilot still doesn't get any credit. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]My suggestion is that a pilot receives points for an Air to Air victory when he does not kill the enemy pilot. The parameters for such a point would be that points for an ATA victory are received if munitions from his plane strike that of his opponent and his opponent leaves that plane within the next 4 or so seconds. That way if he kills the enemy pilot in his plane, he receives points and if he shoots down the plane but the pilot bails, he still gets credit for his hard work. It also relieves the honorable pilots among us the duty to go down with their plane out of respect. I'd also like to see pilot rescue points for a plane like a PBY that pulls a downed pilot out of the ocean and delivers him back to safety.[/COLOR][/COLOR]