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#31 12 years ago

This game (BF2 -insert mod here-) is not a flight sim, never was. The best flying ever had in my opinion was the DC mod to BF42 and the Helos which really weren't like Helos more like lunar lander simulation but were agreeably better than the BF2 version. I have IL-2 1946 and Lock-On etc.. Those are flight sims and I have a Stick and Throttle and Track-Ir (little device lets you look around in the sim like free look with mouse except you use your head) and you can see the back (rear quarters) of the plane. Important in Flight Sims, not so much in BF. I think this mod Rocks, the modelling of the Hurri, Spit and Beaufighters are beautiful and I'll probably be up in them ground pounding all the little peeps on the deck running for their lives, all the while giving a hearty Muahhahaha, but, this is not a flight sim and I know that. So if you really want to see the headrest in cockpit and see that 109 chewin you a new one in your rearview, I would suggest you get 1946, its really cheap, has almost 300 flyable aircraft and It IS a flight sim.

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