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15th January 2004

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#41 17 years ago
SCORPYHyper Threading rocks on my Pentium 4, no lag when running 2 programs

woopedy-doo, 2 programs, wow reeally stressin your system there.

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1st March 2003

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#42 17 years ago
Anlushac11Being a Intel fan I wonder if hes gonna go on about how AMD processors dont run at the speed advertised. What he may not know is that Intel has said they are going to start rating their processors as to their performance not to their clock speed. Sounds kinda like what AMD has been doing all along.

Nah, i'm not gonna bullshit you: Clock speed isn't THAT important. Performance numbers ARE a good way of displaying performance, and intel WILL be using them soon as well.... I read /. too... However, clock speed is a way of showing performance, though not as accurately as the performance system. If, between two processors, there is a minute difference between clock speeds but a huge difference between performance ratings, I just think it's something to be suspicious about. As for intel switching, it'll be a shame if they don't use the same standards for rating as AMD, like making it a number with, say, 5 digits in it, as that would be misleading to those who would see a bigger number and say gee! That looks faster!


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#43 17 years ago

I'm glad that AMD went with performance ratings because in all but the raw tests those performance numbers are a very close match to the Intel range (a 3200 XP runs games and things like that at the same speed as a 3.2ghz P4).

Another beauty of new AMD processors and motherboards is their absolutely amazing overclock ability. You can ramp up the FSB a lot on an Athlon XP and then you can eek out even more performance by upping the multiplier in most new BIOS's. As it stands I have a 333MHz Athlon XP Barton core running on a 450MHz FSB with air cooling.

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20th April 2004

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#44 16 years ago

Right now, I have a AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 80 GB HD, Win XP Home, and a Nivida GeForce4 Video Card. I've had no problem with graphics or speed. The highest temp my CPU's gotten to is about 58 C (and I have two fans) and my computer is always on. I've had it running for about 3 months non stop (ignore how long I've been on AIM. I use Trillian and for some reason, I'll disconnect) restarting it when I install something. If it's on, I have Trillian, MauDae's KillTracker, [LC]Accident's Renamer (Yeah, I play Jedi Academy) and a whole other bunch of crap running (PC-Cillin, PCAlert4, CoolerXP, ect).